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USA H1B Visa Urged To Be Paused Amidst Increasing Unemployment Rate

A US body representing American technology workers urged the United States government to suspend the popular visa program called the H1B visa. This step has been suggested to curb the increasing unemployment rate in the USA due to the Coronavirus.
Economists believe that the unemployment rate can reach up to 32% from 3.6% in Oct' 2019.
This is not the first time that a country has taken a drastic step of pausing or stopped issuing visas to foreign workers. Post-recession in 2008, the countries like the UK, Denmark, and Singapore has stopped issue the visa to skilled workers.
Although there are no visa restrictions for skilled workers that are currently implemented by Canada, Germany, and Australia, it is possible that certain measures will be taken in the coming few months.  
If you are looking to migrate to any of these countries, you need to apply before it's too late. Canada requires you to score 67 points to qualify for a PR visa and Australia wants you to score 65 points to get a PR visa.
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