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Canada processing fee for immigration increases from April 30

The immigration department of Canada is increasing the processing fee from April 30 for all the applicants from all foreign countries, who wish to become permanent residents of Canada.

The fee includes service delivery cost, operational costs, and processing costs that are pertained to all PR programs.

The new rules will be valid from 9 AM of April 30, 2020, EDT. The applications that are received before this time and date will be processed according to the previous fee schedule. Applications presented after that, if they have previous fees, will be returned to the applicant as incomplete applications.

The PR processing fees will be increased for economic class applicants by 50 % in the following manner:

  1. Primary applicants (of Economic Business Class, start-up visa, self-employed, Quebec entrepreneur, Quebec investor and Quebec self-employed) fees will be increased from 1050$ to 1575$
  2. Primary applicants (in economic non- business class will be increased from 550$ to 825$. The increase will not be applicable to the principal applicants and their families in Caregivers programs. They will remain unchanged.
  3. The fees will be increased for spouses and common-law partners of all the economic class applicants from 550 $ to 825 $.
  4. The fees of dependent children of all economic class applicants will be increased from 150 $ to 225 $.
  5. The RPR (Right of Permanent Residence) fee will be increased from 490$ to 500 $, which is the lowest increase of 2%.

The further increase is expected to come after 2 years, according to the Consumer Price Index increase, which is rounded to the nearest 5$. 

New fees will be announced in 2022.

There will not be any increase in the fee of PR cards, PR travel documents, certification, or replacement of immigration documents.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) said that the PR fees had not been increased since 2002. The PR fees will again have a change in 2022, according to the Consumer Price Index.