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Canada remains open to immigrants while Trump closes US gates for them

US President Trump announced that he is going to sign on an order that suspends immigration to the US from other countries on 22-04-2020 due to the Coronavirus issue.

He made his announcement on Twitter. He followed his announcement and signed on order on 23-04-2020.

On Tuesday, the President said that his team is working on the order so that he could sign it as soon as possible. On 23-04-2020, he signed on order, as announced.

During his brief on Tuesday, the President said that the suspension is to last for 60 days for all the Green cards (Permanent Resident Cards). He said that there would be exemptions, but he did not specify them any further.

He said that the suspension would be beneficial for the Americans to safeguard their jobs in the present economic downfall and is not just taken as a measure to curb COVID-19.

Despite Corona Outbreak, Canada remains open to immigrants

Canada also got affected by Coronavirus, and it is taking many measures to stop the pandemic, including imposing travel restrictions on some countries.

But the country is still open to accommodating temporary foreign workers, immigrants, and international students as much as it can.

Canada continues to invite immigrants to submit their applications instead of suspending immigration like the USA.

The country stated that it would not reject any applications due to the lack of proper documentation since it is hard to get all the documents due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Canada is further conducting several provincial and federal draws to invite new immigrants to obtain PR status.

From the time the travel restrictions have been first announced the following draws took place:

  1. On April 15 and April 16, the government held Express Entry draws
  2. On April 16, British Columbia held a PNP draw
  3. On April 9, two Express Entry draws took place
  4. On April 6, April 7 and March 30, BC held three PNP draws
  5. On March 26, Saskatchewan held PNP draw
  6. On March 26, Manitoba held PNP draw
  7. On March 23, Express Entry draw took place
  8. On March 18, Alberta held PNP draw
  9. On March 18, Express Entry Draw took place.

Skilled Workers mainly migrate to Canada using Express Entry. Canada is looking forward to inviting 341,000 immigrants according to the 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan. (341,000 in 2020, 351,000 in 2021 and 361,000 in 2022).