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Dr Sanjay Gupta investigates the happiest country on Earth — Denmark.

With happiness comes trust, and there’s a lot of it in Denmark.

For example the people actually trust their Government, they can leave their bikes out in public, they don’t feel the need to lock their doors, they don’t overwork themselves, this free’s them up to spend time with family and friends.

Also, money and status are not the priority in Denmark, a simple life is.

In Denmark’s most populated and largest city, Copenhagen, bikes account for 50 percent of its residents’ trips to school or work. Half of commuting happens on a bike in Copenhagen and that doesn’t just improve fitness levels and reduce carbon emissions, it also contributes to the wealth of the city.

Researchers found that for every kilometer traveled by bike instead of by car, taxpayers saved 7.8 cents (DKK 0.45) in avoided air pollution, accidents, congestion, noise and wear and tear on infrastructure. Cyclists in Copenhagen cover an estimated 1.2 million kilometers each day –- saving the city a little over $34 million each year.

What’s more, just 30 minutes of daily biking adds an average of one to two years to the life expectancy of Copenhagen’s cyclists.Happiness is the one thing we all want in our lives.  Happiness not only feels good but it also leads to a much healthier and longer life. By being happy your stress levels are low and your immune system is boosted as a result. Maybe we can all learn something from the country of Denmark.