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The Quebec Skilled Worker program (QSWP) to reopen on 13th June, 2016- a large number of applications to be accepted

The much awaited Quebec Skilled Worker program is all set to begin over this June. Kathleen Weil, the Quebec immigration minister has made it official that the program will reopen on 13th June, 2016, with expectations of applications to be approved in a larger number than before. As of the announcement, Quebec will be accepting over 5000 applications during this intake period. Once the expected number is reached, a possibility of in taking another set of 5000 applications is estimated.
The intake period will commence on 13th June and run till 20th June 2016. Applicants who have created their Mon Project account will be able to submit their applications for Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) during the intake period. Once the application is accepted, they are requested to pay the required fee amount. While the limit is set to 5000 approvals, applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Once the first reception period manages to reach the cap limit, applicants who currently do not have an account with Mon Project can create their account and submit their applications for the next intake period (no confirmation of the dates yet). 
Applications for a Quebec skilled worker visa will be accepted only during the time period stated above. However, the applicants who are eligible under Quebec Experience program (or with a valid job offer) or applicants with a valid study or work permit have no restrictions and can lodge an application anytime.