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Together, We Are Quebec: a new Quebec immigration system, similar to the Express Entry

Collaborating to the proposal made by the Quebec government to introduce a new immigration framework, Quebec is all set to attract a good number of immigrants through its new system, which bears a resemblance to the Express Entry system. As of the proposal, the new immigration framework 'Ensemble, nous sommes le Québec' (Together, We Are Quebec), which came into effect from 6th April, 2016 takes into account changing labour trends and aims to streamline the immigration process of Quebec. The new policy is accompanied by a five-year action strategy, i.e. from 2016 to 2021. The government of Québec states that this "dynamic, avant-garde immigration system" is inspired by systems that have already been implemented in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Further, the government added that it will "increase candidate interest and help garner public support for immigration by better aligning Québec's needs with immigrants' profiles."
The new system focuses at inviting candidates seeking to migrate as a skilled worker by a declaration of interest. This means that just like the Express Entry system, Quebec immigrants too need to submit an online profile, which would be eventually added to a bank of candidates for a predetermined period. Applicants who meet the requirements of the Quebec labor market will be invited to submit a formal immigration application and proceed further with the process. As the predetermined period concludes, their applications will be removed from the bank.
 Last month, when the proposal was announced, the government estimated that the overall levels of immigration can reach 60,000 for the current year. But, for the time being, the government has made a declaration to keep the immigration levels closer to 50,000. However, this does not mean that the government let go its original plan to raise immigration levels by around 20 percent. Instead, it is taking a more gradual approach than originally planned- sources say.