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Foreign students can now get a visa to work in Canada, swiftly

Foreign students studying in Canada and aiming to settle permanently in Canada can now do so by swifter means as the Canadian government is trying changes the ways foreign students applications will be assessed under the Express Entry program. Canadian Immigration Minister, John McCallum has declared that the government is looking for alternatives that would provide additional points to students under the Express Entry System, which currently focuses on applications of skilled workers. He also mentioned that the most excellent source of immigrants to Canada are foreign students as they know both English and French languages. The following initiatives being taken to improve student immigration in Canada:
  • Foreign students who are willing to study in Canada are being repeatedly informed about the need of an ETA for visiting the country.
  • Holders of study permit from visa exempt nations who got their permit on/before July 2015 need to have a document since the month of March. However, the will not be able to board the flight till the end of September, which is their period of leniency.
  • Candidates who hold a study or a job permit dated August 2015 must hold an eTA along with their permit.
  • Students should be pursuing their education while they are in Canada but overseas full-time students admitted at universities and institutions in the program can also do part time job off campus and full time during breaks without job permit.