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Processing time for Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship Canadian immigration program significantly reduced in many cases- IRCC update

Coming straight from the columns of CICnews, we have a great piece of news for couples planning sponsorship under the Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship immigration program. The processing time has been significantly reduced in many cases, the IRCC reports say. Comparably, the processing time, for visas under the stated program in many cases, reduced to less than 12 months. In March of this year, the new Liberal government of Canada announced in its Immigration Levels Plan that it intends to increase the number of new permanent residents who arrive in Canada through the Family Class category, including spouses and common-law partners. This factor may have the effect of further reducing application processing times.
By the end of 2015, the processing time for the visas under this program was listed by visa office. The New Year brought certain modifications, which included changes in the listing of processing timing as well. Instead of being listed by visa office, a single figure (in months) was given. Now, the processing times are listed by the countries where the application is being filed. As of the similar report, the countries who have listed processing time to be less than one year for Outland Spousal/Common-Law sponsorship include France, Australia, Spain, Tunisia, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, and Switzerland. While for other countries, the process time remains slightly longer than one year. However, processing for this sponsorship for Indian citizens remains close to 20 months.