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The Government of Australia all set to strengthen its immigration sector- plans to invest $99.2 million in immigration

The Australian Government has planned to make several changes to its immigration procedures and related aspects. To begin with, the Federal Australia has planned to invest $99.2 million in its immigration sector so as detect fraud in visa applications, avoid associated risks and make the system stronger than present.
The Australia Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, announced at a security conference in Canberra, held on Wednesday that the staff associated to the detection of fraud is upright but the technology has certain loopholes. With that, he added, "Risks will be more easily identified at the visa application stage before individuals reach the border." He also said that the country is working on the adoption of a new technology that would detect fraudulent practices and by the means of the same illegal immigrants would be spotted at the initial stage. The system staff will gain access to the information of the traveler and risks that may be associated to his migration.
This being said, the Australian government will also be working on several other reforms like:
1) Changes to skilled visas, student visas and immigration premium services.
2) Major changes to the student visa category; eight visa categories will be converted to two categories
3) Changes in the skilled visas and skilled occupational list; more occupations to be included
4) Investor’s visa expected to be announced by November 2016