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Expand the Canada Temporary Work Visas- an appeal by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Canada’s Chamber of Commerce- Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce based in Ontario has appealed to the Canadian government to expand the country’s temporary worker program- sources say. As of the news, the Chamber of Commerce has requested the government to create a special visa that would aid high-growth companies to attract management talent at a much-improved rate. Rory Ring, the Executive Director of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce said, “We need to import the special skills needed to manage companies that are growing 10 times faster than normal.”
With that being said, the Rory Ring is calling for an expansion of the Canadian temporary worker visa program to facilitate swift recruitment of foreign managers for companies experiencing exponential growth. The Executive Director also emphasized on the fact that the city’s local companies that aim to commercialize products for the global market are experiencing a skills gap to a large extent. For this, Rory Ring has appealed for a special ‘scale-up’ visa that could help the government reduce the skills gap. In the same context, he said- "We have a demand for a particular type of talent. The labor market supply for that talent is either not fully developed yet or is under development, or we're just not able to source it from a local marketplace." The scale-up visa would to a large extent, help companies to scale up in size, which eventually would increase sales as well as employment- the Chamber of Commerce believes.