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Permanent residents of Canada, UK and the United States of America can now travel to Mexico without a consular visa

Good news for residents of Canada, UK and the US who are willing to travel to Mexico. Having come into effect from May 18, 2016, Mexico has made changes to the entry criteria for foreigners planning to visit the country. As of the change, Mexico now allows permanent residents of Canada, UK and the US to visit Mexico without a visa, and such visitors are also allowed to stay in the country for a period of 180 consecutive days and perform any activity irrespective of his nationality or citizenship. With this, Mexico has also allowed valid visa holders from Canada, UK, US and any country of the Schengen to enter Mexico without a separate visa. Similarly, permanent residents of Colombia, Peru, and Chile are also eligible to make an entry into Mexico with the same exemption.
Prior to this change in entry criteria, every Non-Mexican national who wished to visit Mexico could not do so without a valid Mexico visa. But now with the proposed changes, the visitors from countries mentioned above can enter the country without a consular visa. On their arrival into the country, the visitor needs to simply file for a Mexico Visitor’s Permit (FMM) and provide to the authorities an original of the permanent resident visa he holds.