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New Guest Worker Visa introduced- an initiative by the United States of America to attract skilled workers across the globe

Majority of the economic immigration programs of the United States aid the country to import skilled foreign nationals to fill in those positions the country is facing scarcity.  With the same in view, the Arizona Republican Sector, Jeff Flake introduced a new guest worker visa which aims to fill the gap created by the H1B visas and the temporary H-2A visas of the United States. With this introduction, the new legislation would amend the United States willing workers and willing employers Act which would eventually benefit immigrants with education lower than graduation and the non-agriculture industries of the Unites States. Also, by the means of this new visa program, industries that require low educated workforce can find eligible candidates capable of filling the vacant positions of their industry.
Currently, while the L-1A visa attracts highly specialized skilled foreign nationals, the United States H2B visa attracts workforce for construction, landscaping, manufacturing and meatpacking industries. As of the estimates, by the means of the US H2B visa a workforce of 66000 have landed in the United States but the country needs more workers. The introduction of the new visa program shall help greatly in attracting skilled workforce holding lower qualification, employers believe.