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Majority of Skilled migrants in the United Kingdom are from India- a report by UK's National Statistics

The United Kingdom invites skilled migrants to fill in the skill shortage areas of the UK industries and today has a huge number of migrant population. As of the National Statistics information from UK's Office, Indian nationals represented the biggest number of migrants being issued with skilled visas by the United Kingdom during the recent year. The reports reflect that Indians represented 57 percent of aggregate skilled worker visas in reality, which means that out of total 91,833 skilled visas issued during the year, about 52,109 visas were issued to Indians solely. This represents that today, Indians are the highest beneficiaries of the skilled visas to UK and are the largest working group of the country.
In terms of long-term residence permits, Asians take the maximum proportion of the visas. Overall 531375 long term residence visas were granted among which 56% of the total visas were taken by Asians- Indians represented 17 percent while Chinese nationals took the rest 16 percent of residence visas. Similarly about 34000 national insurance registrations were taken by Indian professionals based in the United Kingdom.
 According to the Immigration Statistics Quarterly report of December 2015, India is additionally in the major three nations that are acknowledged with student visas by the United Kingdom. Where United States and China made the top positions and were issued with 13,970 and 70, 515 student visas respectively, about 10,705 student visas were issued to India students- setting it at the third place.