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India's Commerce Department plans to appeal the World Trade Organization for a simpler visa procedure

In context to the US visa issues, India’s Commerce Department, in association with some trade lawyers has planned to draft a proposal to the World Trade Organization by July 2016, seeking for a simpler visa procedure. A department official associated to this proposal stated, “We will try to find a mechanism which is not so much on market access but facilitation of issues like ease of visa, transparency and advance rulings for services.” With an aim to improve trade and custom rules laid by the government, the official expressed "Our philosophy is to liberalize all the modes in services, but we will emphasize more on Mode 4, because countries block anything to do with it."
Mode 4 basically refers to the relocation of natural persons in which visa issues are much common. The recent instance of the same is the doubling of work visa fee that has affected the software industry.
Another official said that India should create connections with different countries that could jointly work on this proposal. Despite there were discussions made on the services during the Doha Round under the Agreement on Trade in Services, no action has been taken since 2011. All 23 countries covered by the World Trade Organization are planning to improve on rules, expand services of commerce, financial services, licensing, telecom, maritime transport, etc. for those who have temporarily lived abroad.