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Temporary foreign workers should get a way to obtain Canadian permanent residency- John McCallum believes

The Head of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), John McCallum believes that Canada should find a way to give permanent residency for the temporary foreign workers. “There are industries which need temporary foreign workers. There are chronic labor shortages,” McCallum said.
In the month of May, the Skills and Social Development, the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) and Standing Committee on Human Resources initiated a parliamentary review to revamp the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This review aimed to take care of issues of the Temporary foreign Worker Program and several sections- Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, Caregiver Program and the program for low-skilled workers. In in this context, John McCallum said, “There are industries which need temporary foreign workers. There are chronic labor shortages.” “Even after those industries look very hard under every rock for Canadians, they still can’t find them, and so they can justify some temporary foreign workers,” he added.
He also said “But the condition which we think is really important is that those temporary foreign workers be on the path to permanent residence. And I think, if they want to…they should have the opportunity.”
The review was criticized for the exploitation workers have to face in the hands of their employers and recruitment agencies. Marco Luciano, the coordinator of Coalition for Migrant Worker Rights Canada (CMWRC) in Alberta, said in criticism “It was disappointing. It felt like it was rushed.” “[We] will continue to demand permanent residency to migrant workers here and upon arrival. We are demanding for mobility through open work permits and the removal of the oppressive 4-in, 4-out rule,” he added.
Taking into consideration all the critics, the committee is tending to present the policy recommendations to the House of Commons prior to June 15, 2016.