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Good news for aspirants planning for Australia immigration- South Australia shall have new job opportunities for overseas candidates

Immigrants planning for Australia migration should consider South Australia as this region will soon have exciting work opportunities for foreign skilled workers. While previously Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne were primary regions for work and study both, the shortage of skilled workforce in Southern Australia has forced the Australian government to work on filling the skills gap. According to the records, there are about 15,000 job vacancies in the manufacturing industry of South Australia and the Southern Australian government, along with the Federal Government is introduce 1,200 new scholarships for overseas candidates planning for vocational courses, undergraduate and postgraduate studies under the South Australian Enterprise Scholarship Program.
The South Australian Government and Specialist Migrant Services (SMS) will jointly work to support skilled workers from various countries who can contribute their skills, knowledge and work experience to boost the South Australian economy. Through this joint Specialist Migrant Services plan, the Specialist Migrant Services shall provide seminars on employment, assistance for job search and qualification assessment from trading and economic centers which would eventually attract more immigrants to the region- Australian Government believes.