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Germany very soon to introduce PR visa

To all the professionals who have been dreaming of a career and life in Germany, this is a good news. The Social Democratic Party which is one-half of the country's coalition government has called for new immigration laws which would be similar to the Canadian Immigration Model. Before putting forward the draft bill on the immigration law, Leader Thomas Oppermann presented the key points of the plan:
“Those who have a job offer from Germany receive a visa for three years.
"If everything goes well, it will be extended for an indefinite period of time afterwards"
“Those who do not have a job but are highly qualified will get a visa for one year.
If they don't find a job during the time, they have to leave again.”
The criteria to qualify for this visa would be  qualifications, language skills and proof of a job and age. However, official confirmation on the requirements and process details for the Germany PR visa is yet to be released.