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Quebec announces funding to help immigrants learn the French Language

A very resourceful initiative has been taken by the Quebec Government to help new comers feel homelike in the province. 
According to the latest news, Quebec pledges $70 million to help immigrants get familiar with the French culture and language.
This announcement coincides with IRCC’s internal report which states that the official language causes hindrances for immigrants to comfortably settle in the nation.
As of the earlier initiative that supported a similar aim had 5 classes of French lessons to PR visa holders who lived in the province for 5 years. However, this was helping no good.
The province willnow impart full-time French courses for immigrants. Irrespective of whether they have lived in the province or not, all immigrants will now be eligible for French courses, confirms CIC news. 
Starting from July 1, 2019 immigrants can enroll themselves in a full-time French learning courses. The good news is enrolled candidates will get $181 per week. This figure has increased, as compared to earlier where only $141 were given.
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