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UK Plans to extend work right after study for International Students

The number of Indians studying in the United Kingdom has nearly doubled in the last 3 years, with over 21,000 UK student visas issued to Indians until March 2019. A white paper on extending the length students can remain and work post-study can be in the works in a bid to make Britain an attractive place to go for Indian students, officials said. 
With Australia and Canada bring international students en masse with their simpler work and research norms and overtaking the United Kingdom as favored student destination, the new British government is giving serious thought to providing education cooperation the attention it deserves. 
The Ministry of External Affairs said in Parliament that as much as 7,52,725 Indian students are studying overseas, with the US the favored place to go for higher education. Canada and Australia take second and third places. The US has 2,11,703 Indian students. 
Canada introduced its Post-Graduation Work Permit Program in the year 2006 to allow pupils to obtain work experience that qualifies for permanent residency. Australia's ad hoc immigration policies were aimed at encouraging international students to pursue permanent residence in Australia.
But after the United Kingdom announced the abolition of post-study work rights in the year 2011, the number of Indian students went down sharply from a peak of 38,677 at 2011 to 16,655 at 2016. 
Keen to attract overseas students, who based on a 2017 study generated over 25 billion pounds to the economics and helped provide a boost to regional jobs and local companies, the British government is planning to increase the number of months an overseas student can return and work. 
The United Kingdom government is also launching a "GetReadyForClass" campaign during the next month to help direct international students throughout the application process and invite them to apply early. 
Among other steps to deepen bilateral education cooperation, 20 vice chancellors in UK Faculties are visiting Delhi and Hyderabad in the very first week of September. 
They'll meet HRD Ministry officials and VCs from India. There'll be a high level policy dialogue - within a place of mutual interest to the two, on the future employability prospects of graduates of college education systems. 
It'll be a possibility to highlight a few of the success stories of the United Kingdom India partnership in education. He said. In September, senior officials from the London School of Economics will be on a city tour of India. 
In the end of the month, a group from Leeds University will visit India. A new programme - the UK India Education & Research Initiative(UKIERI)Mobility Programme: Study in India, will allow UKundergraduate education students to do part of their diploma course in Indian universities. The program is financed by the governments of both nations.
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Source: IndiaToday