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The New UK immigration May Include Salary Threshold and Language Skills

An applicant's English communication abilities are likely to be ranked according to levels of proficiency in a new visa reform being finalized by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel. 
Britain's senior-most Indian-origin Cabinet minister in the Boris Johnson led authorities ordered a major study on Wednesday to kickstart her plans to execute an Australian points-based system of immigration.
Like their educational qualifications, language proficiency skills, work experience, willingness to work particularly areas and occupation, etc makes up the core to the new immigration system, Patel's letter mentioned. 
"I'm asking the MAC, as part of their current work on future potential salary thresholds, to conduct a review of the Australian immigration system and comparable systems to advise on what best practice can be utilized to strengthen the United Kingdom labor market and attracts the best and brightest from around the globe"- Priti Patel.
Javid, now UK Chancellor, commissioned the MAC to conduct a review on wages thresholds that need to be enforced on qualified visa applicants from around the globe, including India, which currently stands in GBP 30, 000 a year. 
Priti Patel, a long term advocate of the Australian visa plan which functions on a points-based system, has now asked MAC to additionally consider how additional flexibility might be added into the operation of wages thresholds throughout the awarding of points to potential migrants for the characteristics they possess. 
Delivering on the promise to present an Australian fashion points-based system is a part of our strategy to enhancing public trust in our immigration system while enabling us to welcome skilled and talented people from all over the planet, Patel notes. 
The MAC is to present its report by January 2020, following which its recommendations will be considered for incorporation into a brand new immigration bill for Parliament.
Source: LiveMint