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Pearson the Official English Language Provider for Britain Visa

UK held its general elections on December 12, 2019. Since then the new government had made many announcements. Among which English test provider for UK Visa was announced. Britain has given the contract to the Pearson.
Australia uses the Pearson test for the candidate to show English language ability and get a visa for work or study. Britain adheres to the same policy of the Pearson test for the people to prove their English language skills.
The general election was won in majority by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mr. Johnson has promised to withdraw Brexit and also reduce the immigrants. Now Britain has started a point-based system for immigration similar to Australia.
On December 16, 2019, Person has released a statement that they have achieved a contract from the UK Home Office. Pearson is a publisher of textbooks and online educational tools and tests.
The features of the deal received are:
  • 3 years contract starting from 2020;
  • Tests in digital format;
  • Prove language skills for-
    • Study purpose known as academic tests,
    • Work purpose,
    • Family, settlement and citizenship visa applications.
As the English-testing business contract for Australia from 2018, Pearson has generated revenue by 450% to 77 million pounds ($99 million).
The rapid growing part of Pearson is the academic test. Now Pearson is the 4th largest academic test provider in the UK.