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Indians constituted about 25% of Canada's Immigrants in 2019


Immigrants of Canada are from the top 5 source countries, i.e., India, China, the Philippines, Nigeria, and the United States of America. India and Nigeria are with increased immigrants.

The primary source of immigrants to Canada for 2019 is from India. China is in the 2nd position followed by the Philippines, Nigeria, the United States, Pakistan, Syria, Eritrea, South Korea, and Iran.



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India Ranked No. 1 Source for Immigrants

Among the total of 341,000 immigrants reached Canada in 2019, Indians constitute around 25%.  In recent years, the number of newcomers coming to Canada has increased in the case in India. In 2015, the total number of immigrants from India were 14%.

Canada’s leading immigrant source in India and the reason for it are:

1.      Second Largest Population

As India is the second-largest populated country in the world, thus there can be a more number of potential immigrants in the pool.

2.      Middle-Class Population

In India, the largest group is the middle-class population with proper levels of English language proficiency and education with a professional background, which fulfills the requirement of Canada selection criteria.

3.      H1-B Temporary Skilled Worker program

The majority of Indians are with the H1-B Temporary Skilled Worker Program in the US. Now the number of approval has decreased for an H1-B visa, and thus the majority of Indians in the US are choosing Canada and applying for permanent residency.

Same number of Immigrants from China

From India, 86,000 Indian nationals were granted with PR status in 2019, whereas in China, around 30,000 of its citizens became new immigrants of Canada, i.e., 9% of total newcomers share of Canada.

This number is stagnant and did not increase not decreased in recent years, though Canada raised its target numbers of immigrants. The possible 2 reasons for the standard number of immigrants are:

1.      High Standard of Living

China is now raising its standard of living; thus, the citizens are losing interest in settle in abroad.

2.      High English Skills for Canada

Of total China’s population compared with India, only 10% represents speaking in English. Thus China  is unable to reach the high English standard of Canada.

Philippines immigration number is declining

From the past 5 years, the number of immigrants is declining steadily. In 2015 the number of Filipinos immigrated to Canada on PR was more than 50,000, whereas, in 2019, it dropped to 28,000. The main reason for the falling of immigrant’s numbers and coming to 3rd rank is because Canada has reduced the number of intake for the Caregiver Program. For the Caregiver Program, the majority immigrants were from the Philippines.

More number of immigrants from Nigeria

The number of immigrants to Canada from Nigeria is booming in recent years. Firstly, the number was 5000 immigrants, and now in 2019, it increased to double-figure nearly, i.e., 11,000. For 2019, Nigerians immigrated to Canada was 13,000 on PR status.

The main advantage of the increase in Nigerians moving to Canada is that they are native English speakers. Also, the recent ban on Nigeria from the US for some Nigerian nationals will increase the number of immigrants from Nigeria from 2020 and beyond.

American Immigrants to Canada is the same

In spite of the idea of U.S. President Donald Trump, many people are moving from America to Canada who is against him. But the proof given does not seem to be the case. Americans immigrated to Canada are 11,000 in 2019, which is 3% from the few years.

175 Countries are welcomed to immigrate to Canada

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country in the world and inviting around 175 countries to settle in Canada every year. This can be seen by the launch of the point-based system for the economic class immigration system in 1967. With this development, Canada has now become the most accessible country to immigrate by the source countries.

The economic class immigration system of Canada does not consider the origin country of the candidate. Besides, Canada does not have any per-country quota to get immigrants. If a candidate meets the eligibility criteria, they are invited to work and settle in Canada.

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