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Booming Immigration through Provincial Nominee Program and Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Immigration for Atlantic Canada is running at a good pace fro, 2019 and welcomes around 18,000 newcomers. The Atlantic regions are:

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador
  2. Prince Edward Island
  3. Nova Scotia
  4. New Brunswick

They made several efforts to take immigrants by giving PR status. Atlantic Canada is facing:

  1. Aging population
  2. Low birth rate
  3. The massive rate of out-migration
  4. Low rates of interprovincial migration

then other parts of the country. Thus, the region is working on developing strategies to welcome and make the immigrants remain in the area. All the employers, colleges, and universities, government, and immigrant-serving organizations are working on it for immigrants, international students, and foreign workers who are on temporary bases.

Around 8000 immigrants were invited to that region in 2010, which is about 3% of total Canada’s newcomers share. The region population is 6.5% of Canada’s population. Thus Atlantic Canada’s immigration intake is less than the other province intake.

Atlantic Immigration begin in 2016

This program was initiated in 2016 and welcomed nearly 5% of immigrants to Canada that year. The reason has been the region concentrated more on Syrian refugees and economic class immigrants by the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

By 2017, Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) was launched by the federal government alongside Express Entry and PNP as an additional program for immigration in the Atlantic region of Canada.

AIP started with inviting potential immigrants in 2018. With PNP, AIP has welcomed 14,000 immigrants to the Atlantic region, i.e., a 22% increase with the number in 2017 by 12,000 immigrants.

Increase by 26% in 2019

Atlantic Canada immigrants increased by 26% in 2019. All the 4 Atlantic regions broke their own immigration records.

21% increase in i.e. 1,900 immigrants in 2019 up with 1,500 in 2018.


   Atlantic Region    

      Increase %    

 No. of immigrants in  2019       

  No. of immigrants in 2018         

    Newfoundland and                      Labrador  




   Prince Edward Island      




   Nova Scotia




   New Brunswick




Atlantic Canada is going to reach a new milestone as it is on the right track. To reach the proportional share of immigrants in Canada, it needs to invite 24,000 immigrants.  If the program intake is going with the same pace of 20% and more than the milestone can be reached before 2021.
An important Milestone in 2021 by Atlantic Canada

As the PNP allocation has increased this helped the Atlantic Canada program to achieve success. The federal government is now decided to take a mandate letter for making AIP program a permanent program. This letter should be taken from Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino.

Immigration Levels Plan for 2019-2021 has set the target of increasing it 2 times for the intake by 2000 in 2019 to 4000 in 2020. The PNP intake target was raised from 61,000 in 2019 to 67,800 in 2020. Resulting in the chances of Atlantic Canada’s PNP number to increase for 2020.

It is estimated to welcome around 6.5% of newcomers to Atlantic Canada in coming years.