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Canada is going to welcome more than a million immigrants in the span of 2020-2022

Marco Mendicino, the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, in his first major speech after his appointment as the minister in 2019, outlined Canada’s vision for new immigrants.

He was appointed as the immigration minister after the re-election of the Liberal Party of Canada in the second mandate. He is said to be pursuing the immigration plan that has been mentioned in his mandate letter.

The speeches about “vision” are traditional among the immigration ministers of Canada. In these speeches, the minister outlines the inspirational goals of the existing government and the programs and policies it will follow to achieve the said targets.

The latest speech by Marco Mendicino was also the same.

He opened the speech by telling us that the future of Canada depends upon immigration. Therefore it is important to tell how many people Canada needs to lead its economy into prosperity.

This number of immigrants is essential to calculate Canada’s demographic realities. As a nation with a high average age of the population and low birth rates, Canadians do not have enough kids to manage the size of their population.  

This problem is pressurizing the country’s economy to a greater extent. This is because of the less availability of persons to raise funds and an increase in expenses of the government in the form of health care as the number of elderly Canadians who need medical care is increasing.

Mendicino stated that welcoming immigrants is the best solution to this problem. In the present day, approximately 80% of the growth of Canada’s population is coming from the immigrants, and it is estimated that this will reach 100% by 2030.

This is the reason that Canada is ready to welcome one million immigrants in the coming three years, he said, as he will be formally tabling Canada’s levels of immigration in 2020-2022 in march.

Canada’s different immigration programs

Express Entry

Express Entry will remain the main immigration program of Canada, as it had been a huge hit since its launch in January 2015. Mendicino stated that 95% of the arrivals from Express Entry are settled with jobs, and 80% are employed in their fields.

Other programs

  1. Global Talent Stream and Atlantic Immigration Pilot

In addition to the Express Entry, other programs like Global Talent Stream and Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program are playing important roles in supporting Canada’s economy by inviting immigrants.

  1. RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot)

Even with all these programs, there is still a need to promote the economic class immigrants to smaller communities of Canada. This is why the government introduced RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot) in 2019.

  1. MNP (Municipal Nominee Program)

The MNP (Municipal Nominee Program) is another program that the government will follow up to promote uniform economic growth across Canada. The immigration minister said that the federal government is consulting on what the program will finally look like, and the government welcomes feedbacks from stakeholders on shaping up the MNP.

The minister asked the people who attended the speech to support the argument that immigration is for the benefit of Canada. He stated that the immigration system of Canada had been applauded by the OECD as the best standard to manage the migration of people.

He concluded his speech by again reminding that the strength of the immigrants builds Canada.

Wholeheartedly welcoming the immigrants will be beneficial to the growth of the labour market and businesses, and it ensures that Canada remains the best country in the whole world.