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5 Canada Immigration Services Offered by Kansas Overseas Careers besides Visa Process

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

When you plan to migrate to Canada and think of taking assistance of an immigration consultant, you may certainly think they process only your visa and nothing more.

It is true that immigration consultants only offer process assistance. However, Kansas Overseas Careers is exceptional.

5 canada immigration services offered by kansas overseas careers

Having been into the industry of Canada immigration services since years, we understand that professionals and families are not just looking out for a visa application assistance.

As migrating to Canada from India is a life-changing decision, where one not only changes his home but also his lifestyle, job, identity etc. In such a scenario, a helping hand to make everything easy is always needed.

Kansas Overseas Careers is an immigration consultant who strives to make everything about immigration easy and smoothly successful.

Is immigration to Canada easy?

Many people in India have a misconception that migrating to Canada is difficult and it takes years to get the visa success. The fact is Canada immigration is a very easy process when you are guided right.

With the assistance of Kansas Overseas Careers, Canada immigration is not only easy but also in safe hands. Here’s why:

  • We work with Independent ICCRC Consultants. This means your PR visa application is thoroughly verified by authorized immigration consultant before submitting it to Canada Express Entry.
  • We have been nominated among top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India (by Silicon India).

    This badge represents our efficiency in service and a long-time visa success record.

  • We follow a mutually agreed terms of service. Our operations and activities related to your visa process are transparent and true in nature. That is why before starting the process, we detail our every information in a proper agreement.

Another big factor that makes immigration to Canada from India easy with Kansas Overseas Careers is that we offer services beyond visa process.

We analyse every area as a newcomer to Canada and try to assist you with helping services (at no extra cost).

Here are the additional Canada immigration services offered by us to make your immigration easy.

Why Kansas Overseas Careers is best? Review - Infographic
  1. Resume Writing Service: It is very obvious that you would want to find a job after you migrate to Canada. Why not do it while your visa is in process?
  2. The first step to job hunting is an impressive resume. Only when you have a Canadian standard resume, the employers of Canada will want to look at it.

    Writing a Canadian standard resume is an art that only professionals master. Hence, we have the best resume writers on board who know what it takes to impress Canadian employers and help you get into the selection list.

  3. Job Search Service: Now, even if you have created the best resume, do you know that sometimes it does not reach the Canadian employers?
    The human resource of Canadian companies often use a filtering technique whereby only a few selective resumes are able to reach their inbox. These are the ones that don’t get blocked by spam filters.
  4. In our job search service, we initially help your resume skip these block filters and reach straight to the inbox of Canadian employers.

    We research for job openings that are closely related to you and apply for the same.

    A constant 2 month service of job posting, job search and CV marketing is conducted. In the meantime when you receive interview calls and offers, we also assist you to prepare for the interviews.

    This service is provided to both primary and secondary applicants so as to make it easy for you both to enter Canada without any financial dependency.

  5. Rental Housing Search Help: Sometimes finding a home in your own country is difficult. So just imagine the stress you have to go through while finding a house in a country which is completely new to you.
  6. Our network in Canada is strong, even at the local level. Hence, by the assistance of our sources we help you find the most feasible housing for rent. Also, consultation on what to do after you reach Canada is given on demand.

  7. Concierge Services: Canada immigration process involves a lot of paperwork that has to be notarized. Our concierge services will help you cut down on the stress of notary, courier etc.
  8. Post-Landing Services: Our Canada immigration service does not end immediately after you land in Canada.
    We provide post-landing assistance where in you are guided about registration process, account opening procedures and many more aspects.
    For a period of 6 months, we provide you assistance in major aspects of after-landing formalities.
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How to know do you qualify to immigrate to Canada or no?

Canada welcomes every national but is selective in choosing its permanent residents. As the prime reason to invite millions of permanent residents is to boost its economic growth, the country is particular about inviting skilled and talent professionals.

So, if you want to migrate to Canada from India, you cannot simply assume that you will get the visa. You need to initially check whether you qualify for the visa or not. You need to meet the following parameters to qualify for Canada PR visa:

  1. Your age must be under 44 years
  2. You must be a graduate from a recognized University
  3. You must have at least 1 year of work experience in an occupation that has high-demand in Canada
  4. You must be proficient in the English language
  5. You must be find financially sound, moral in character and good in healthy.
  6. You need to score 67 points on Canada’s Immigration Points Grid

To help you understand better if you qualify for the visa or not, we help you with an Initial Evaluation Service.

This service generates you a report with your eligibility points, factors that affect your eligibility, job demand, income possibilities and more. This service is conducted by qualified and trained evaluation experts, specialized in Canada immigration.

What is the process to immigrate to Canada?

Canada immigration is well-structured and divided into 5 easy stages. You need to pass your application through all these stages before you receive your permanent residency visa.

What is the process to immigrate to Canada?

How can you apply for Canadian immigration?

You can apply for Canadian immigration from any country you are residing as the process is online based. You must initially choose the right visa program based on your profile and check your eligibility under its set standard.

Kansas Overseas Careers can help you apply for Canada immigration under the assistance of independent ICCRC agent. We have a track record of helping over thousands of skilled professionals and families to apply for Canada immigration.

Get to know the complete step-by-step process of applying for Canadian immigration by visiting our nearest branch.

You can also reach us for an online consultation toll free on 1800-102-1090 or write your queries at info@kansaz.com

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