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Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad

If you have observed lately, there are thousands of students and professionals who are migrating to Australia from India. This has increased to a great extent over the decade.

People of Hyderabad have always shown interest in migrating to advanced countries for better opportunities and lifestyle.

To get this lifestyle, immigration experts in Hyderabad can help the aspirants.

Who is the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad?

All factors mentioned above relate well to the core competencies of Kansas Overseas Careers.

We, Kansas Overseas Careers, are an immigration consultant headquartered in Hyderabad (with branches spread all across India).

For our amazing clientele and a successful record of genuine immigration services in Hyderabad, we are often rated as the top and best immigration consultant in Hyderabad.

Moreover, for our efficient and effective visa services and a genuine motto of helping people migrate to Canada, Australia, and other nations, we are have been:

  • Nominated among Top 10 Most Promising Immigration Consultants in India by Silicon India
  • Awarded as the Brand of the Year by TheCeo.in

How will Kansas Overseas Careers help you migrate to Australia from India?

  • We evaluate and check score: First, we check your eligibility for Australia immigration. Only after we are confirmed of your eligibility and score, we suggest you proceed for the visa application.
  • We guide and verify: It is important that the papers you are required to submit are verified and true to the fullest. We assign you to a dedicated case officer who will guide you about documentation and verify your paperwork before submission.
  • We apply and process: The officer assigned to you will apply for your visa on your behalf and be your expert guide throughout the process. From progress to follow-up, everything will be updated to you by the officer well in-time.
  • We create a resume: As an additional help, we connect you with writers who can help you in creating resumes accepted by Australian employers.
  • We help in job search: Our team of international recruiters also helps applicants in searching for a job while their visa is in process.
  • We provide additional assistance: From IELTS training help (through study materials) to searching for accommodation in Australia after visa success, we offer additional assistance in most of the spheres of the visa process. This eventually strengthens the immigration of yours.

What is the strength of Kansas Overseas Careers in the Australia visa process?

The Teams

We take pride in being one of the most preferred and top-rated immigration consultants in Hyderabad, both for the Australia visa process and Canada immigration. Our success as a consultant is primarily because of our structure of team management and the staff we hire.

We have a team of over 5 members taking care of various departments. Every query is addressed in a personalized manner through the respective team. Our teams are attentive and promptly address every query.

Our teams include:

  • Immigration Consultants
  • Evaluation Experts
  • Visa case Officers
  • Resume Writers
  • Job Search Experts
  • Service Delivery Executives
  • Settlement Managers
  • Legal Advisors

We have a consistent positive clientele since our establishment. A huge percentage of our clientele come from referrals. This shows the preference of Kansas Overseas Careers among the immigration motivated array.

On a statistical estimate, we have processed over 1500 immigration visas and helped over thousands of individuals and families to settle abroad easily.

The Range of Products

The knowledge of our immigration consultants and case officers is not confined to just 1 visa product. We are able to process visas of different types that help and individual to move to Australia.

Be it Australia study visa application or permanent residency visas through skilled programs, and we do it all!

What are the Immigration Programs for Australia PR visa Kansas can help you with?

Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad helps you apply for permanent residence visa through any of the following programs:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa
  4. Skilled Graduate (Recognized) Visa
  5. Sponsorship Programs

Why should you consult top Australia immigration consultants?

Help in Paperwork: One of the main reasons why immigration requires professional help (from Australia immigration consultants) is the paperwork. The process requires sending verified documents to DIBP.

Professional help in applying: A professional immigration consultant will help you understand the documents required, verify them, and ensure that there is no error in the application (as even the slightest error leads to visa rejection).

Perfect documentation of visa: Another reason why immigration consultants are important is their experience and expertise in documenting various types of visas. Every case is different and needs personalized attention.

Understands complex situations: The complexities of every case vary from each other. Immigration consultants understand various situations and obstacles that may occur during a process. Hence, the guidance of immigration consultants will help you in every step of the process, provided that you choose the right one.

How to find out the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is a place where hundreds of immigration consultants offer valuable services to professionals intending to settle abroad. When a choice of hundreds is available, choosing the best often becomes difficult.

So, how to know who the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad is?

Follow these tips to determine the reliability of a consultant and go ahead if you find the majority of the stated factors in them:

  • Consultants must be a registered company. The trademark or the registered mark shows that the company is trusted in the eyes of the law.
  • The consultant must have an office whereby you can visit and meet the consultants in person. This will help you experience a personalized Australia immigration process.
  • Check out the client record of the consultants. A reliable visa consultant will have a good clientele and also a good presence online (check out the Google reviews to understand the authenticity of the immigration consultant).
  • It is always better to choose a consultant who covers the entire process. Choose a consultant who offers services beyond visas.

How is Kansas beneficial for your Australia immigration?

What's attracting Indians to Australia? The Land of Kangaroos has always been among top choices when it comes to permanent migration, but the possibilities to reach it was tough. Thanks to the Department of Border Protection, Australia, which has not only introduced various pathways but also made migration a points-based system.

Also, the establishment of plenty of immigration consultancies in India has contributed greatly to making migration smoother and speedier.

Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad helps its clients not only to fill a visa but to prepare for immigration on the whole. Our immigration services are not just confined to visa application and processing.

We go the extra mile in connecting you with resources that will help you search for a job in the selected country and also find accommodation after your migration success.

Moreover, for married applicants, our service extends both to the primary applicant and spouse with no additional costs. We help you to both analyze the candidates and suggest the best of the two as a primary applicant.

All services that have been designed for the primary applicant will also be provided to the secondary applicant (within the same package).

With Kansas Overseas Careers, you always have a benefit of the personalized visa process. Our visa experts are located in prominent cities across India. You can reach out to them easily for a thorough and verified visa guidance.

Is there any specific quota for Indians for an Australian PR visa?

The permanent resident visa or the PR visa does not have any quota for any nationality.

The country follows a target-based system. This means that each year a set of the target is fixed, and authorities intend to reach the set number.

The applicants are selected based upon occupation and skills. However, occupational selection has a specific ceiling.

Read about the Skilled Occupation List here to find out more about this.

What is the Australia Immigration Fees in Hyderabad?

Australia immigration (service) fees in Hyderabad varies upon consultant to consult.

However, fees of Skills Assessment, visa fees, PR fees, etc. are standard as per what is fixed by the DIBP.

The below table will help you understand the fee structure of Australia PR Visa:

It is important to note that consultancies often charge eligibility check fees, which is neither a part of the service fee nor the DIBP standard fee.

How Kansas helps in finding out Australia visa PR visa eligibility?

Kansas Overseas Careers checks your eligibility through 2 procedures:

  1. Assessment at consultant level: During this initial phase, our immigration consultants of Australia PR process check your profile manually and analyze your chances of moving ahead for points evaluation.
  2. Evaluation at expert level: Once we are confirmed that you meet the initial and most important factors of Australia PR visa, we move your file to the expert level. Here are Australia PR Visa experts who calculate your points and analyze your genuine chances of permanent residency. This stage will give you a confirmation of your being eligible or not.

How can Kansas help me in getting the required score for Australia Immigration?

In case you are unable to get the required score, you become ineligible. But, does that keep you ineligible forever?

No. Our experts will thoroughly understand your profile and the obstacles of your eligibility. We help you understand the loopholes of your profile and suggest ways to overcome them.

If required, we also suggest you alternative and easier pathways to get a permanent residency in Australia.

How long will my visa process take?

Generally, the time of the visa process depends upon several factors. These include:

  • Your points
  • How fast you apply
  • Your score improvement
  • Chances of getting a nomination
  • Job offer

When you meet the required criteria and apply within the best time, you always have a chance to get your PR Visa process within 4-6 months and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

What are the benefits you can claim after successful immigration?

The benefits you can enjoy as a permanent resident in Australia are immense and not just for you but for your next generations too.

Once you obtain a permanent residency IN Australia, you get a key to Australian citizenship.

Alongside, you will be able to:

  • Work full-time in any company and switch between jobs.
  • Let your spouse work for any company with the same work rights as yours.
  • Claim free education for children in public schools in Australia.
  • Claim free healthcare for the entire family under the Medicare scheme.
  • Claim social security and other benefits.
  • Apply for citizenship after proving a specific stay in Australia.

How to connect with immigration consultants of Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad?

Kansas Overseas Careers is affable. This means that we are not limited to one particular source of reach. A candidate, irrespective of whether he is based in India or any other nation can find each Kansas Overseas Careers consultants easily through the following sources:

1. Chat with us: Our consultants are available to chat with you during office hours through our website. All you have to do is connect to them via the chatbox below on your right and clear your doubts through a quick chat.

2. Ask Our Experts: Another way to connect with our experts is to drop a message through our online inquiry form. Based on the service or product inquiry you have placed, we will connect you with the most specialized person of our team to clear your doubts.

3. Visit our Office: If you are looking out for a personalized and a step by step guidance over any immigration matters, you can visit Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad.

You can check out our address easily by typing immigration consultant near me, and you will be guided with the nearest immigration consultant office of Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad.

4. Write to us: You can also reach out to us via email. All you have to do is drop us a mail to info@kansaz.com. Our consultant will do best in reaching out to you in the quickest possible time.

5. Call us toll-free: If you are more comfortable with a telephonic discussion, you can reach our consultant directly via a call through our toll-free number: 1800-102-0109.

6. Connect to us through our social channels: We have a strong presence on social media for clients who want to reach out to us through social channels.