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Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Mumbai

If you are planning to immigrate to Australia from Mumbai or places nearby, then this guide will be of help to you.

Most candidates or skilled professionals seeking for Australian PR often begin their search for consultants online and end up going with the one who charges less for the services. While this is no wrong, pricing is not the only factor that has to be considered.

You must look for several factors like the experience of the consultant, their availability to help you throughout, their services, and their clientele. Making the right choice is only possible when you first understand the significant role immigration consultants play in your visa process.

Why should you apply through an immigration consultant?

Immigration consultants are experts in processing visas. One of the main reasons why you must apply for PR through immigration consultants is because of their expertise in handling various types of Australia visa processing cases.

They are well aware of each situation and can help professionals with practical solutions.

Which is the best Australia immigration consultant in Mumbai?

Now when we state that there are a huge number of consultants, for once, you may think who be the top consultants for Australia immigration.

Well, the answer is Kansas Overseas Careers though we have established our consultant office in Mumbai in the very recent time to migrate to Australia.

Since our establishment, we have helped professionals from all over India and few abroad countries to settle in Australia.

Why are we the best immigration consultants in Mumbai?

We are termed as the best immigration consultants in Mumbai primarily for our services, our structuring of staff, and the recognition we have gained in recent years.

1. Here is what makes our services the best immigration services in Mumbai:

Immigration Consultation: We first help you understand all about the process through our expert consultation service. From cost to application procedures, you get to understand everything.

Profile Evaluation: To immigrate to Australia, you need to score 65 points. Our evaluation service is specifically designed to help you check your score and also determine your genuine changes of getting the visa.

Visa Process: The primary immigration service of Kansas Overseas Careers is the visa process. Here, we verify your documents and carry out all the documentation process on your behalf.

From regular follow-ups to frequent updation of the profile, a dedicated case officer will take care of everything.

Resume Writing: Our immigration service is backed by a complimentary service known as resume writing.

Here, our team of expert resume writers helps you with an Australian standard resume. This resume is created with keyword optimization and creative aspects.

Job Search Service: Using the resume we have created for you, we help you in searching for jobs that match your profile. This service is guaranteed for up to 2 months.

During this time period, our job search experts filter out the best companies, list them for you, apply for jobs, market your CV, arrange telephonic interviews, and help you prepare for interviews too.

Settlement Help: At the end stage of your visa process, we don't let you take the stress of accommodation search alone. We have a network that helps you find accommodation in Australia at a reasonably favorable price.

IELTS Prep. Resources: During the visa process, if you are stuck up with your IELTS, you can rely on our IELTS material.

This material is either in the form of online resources or preparation books. However, in both forms, the materials shared with you are trusted and completely verified.

2. We have dedicated teams to help you with personalized service:

Our teams are well-categorized and work as departments, taking care of each aspect of the visa process smoothly. For your brief understanding, here are the teams of Kansas Overseas Careers involved in your visa processing:

  • Immigration Consultants
  • Visa Case Officers
  • Process Consultants
  • Resume Writers
  • Job Search Experts
  • Settlement Help Manager
  • Service Delivery Executives
  • Legal Advisors

3. Our recognitions and rewards speak for us:

The immigration services offered by Kansas Overseas Careers have been prominently recognized by top business online magazines.

  • We have been nominated among the top 10 promising immigration consultants in India by Silicon India.
  • We have been awarded as the Brand of the Year by the CEO.

What is the benefit of using an immigration consultant for immigration to Australia?

The benefits of using an immigration consultant are as follows:

  • Help in selecting the right visa type.
  • Help with document verification.
  • Take care of the start-to-end visa process.
  • Follow up on behalf and update with any changes.
  • Make changes in time (in your profile) as and when required.
  • Help with options that speed the process.
  • Help with services that promote your process.

Why choose the best immigration consultancies in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, there are a huge number of consultancies. While all of them claim that they provide immigration to Australia services, some may lead you to scam.

So, in order to beware of scam and save your money, you must choose a reliable and trusted immigration consultant (after thoroughly analyzing the factors we discussed earlier).

How to contact Kansas Overseas immigration consultants in Mumbai?

Kansas Overseas Careers consultants in Mumbai are easily reachable. You can reach out to the consultants through the following means:

  1. Walk-in to our office
  2. Speak to us toll-free on 1800-102-0109
  3. Mail us at info@kansaz.com
  4. Chat with us here online
  5. Fill out the form and connect to experts
  6. Reach out to us through our social media channels

Where are we located in Mumbai?

We are located in Dosti Imperia No 1A and 1B Unit No: 17, 2nd Floor Opposite R MALL MANPADA THANE (W) 400607 in Mumbai. You can use the below map to determine the shortest route to reach our office.

You can walk-in to our office anytime between 9 am to 9 pm for Australia immigration services or services related to any visa process. We will be more than happy to help.

In case you are unable to make it to our office, don't worry! We will give you complete guidance overcall.

Feel free to reach out to us toll-free on 1800-102-0109 or fill your details here so that one of our immigration consultants may promptly reach you.