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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa Benefits

What is the Federal Skilled Worker program for Canada immigration?

The Federal Skilled Workers Program is the flag bearing program of Canadian immigration. Using this program, around 80,000 to 85,000 skilled foreign nationals enter Canada. This is one of the Canada PR visa programs, managed by the Express Entry system, the premiere immigration system of Canada, that is praised by every country for its transparency in managing and ease in applying.

This program enables scores of people who have a good education and work experience from all around the globe to work, earn, and become permanent residents in Canada. The program facilitates easy migration of the skilled workers without any discrimination, making it the favorite among permanent residence visa seekers.

What is the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa Benefits?

  • Canada is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates. This makes it one of the best countries to settle along with the family with a permanent residency visa.
  • It is a well-developed country with cosmopolitan cities sprawling across huge amounts of land. The sophisticated atmosphere in these cities is to die for.
  • It is a country with a multi-cultural population. It makes you feel right at home as you can meet many of those who belong to your ethnicity. You will also get to meet and co-exist with people from different cultures and origins, which is a beautiful experience in itself.
  • With a work permit, the spouse of Express Entry candidates can also work in Canada. He/she doesn’t need to wait for long periods before they can start working in the country. If your spouse is qualified to get a job in Canada, they can start applying almost right after you get into Canada.
  • The country has attractive job opportunities with highly paid salaries. Your earning capacity increases the number of times with the new and high-end opportunities.
  • Canada is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. Living in some parts of the country will be like living a dream for nature lovers.
  • Canada provides free education until your kids reach a certain age. The educational institutes in Canada are exceptionally good. If you decide to settle in the country, you and your kids can get maximum benefits from the wonderful Colleges and Universities of Canada.
  • Healthcare benefits for immigrants and their dependents are very beneficial for permanent residents.
  • Interesting investment options are available in the country.
  • The immigrants have rights that are nearly equivalent to a Canadian citizen. Eventually, you can also opt for obtaining citizenship in Canada.

How will Kansas Overseas help for Canada FSW Program?

Kansas Overseas will provide professional assistance, which will be of great support during the application process of the FSW program.

Our main services include:

  • Correct information about documentation: Detailed information about documents that are to be submitted in the Express Entry profile or visa application before it enters the Express Entry pool.
  • Counseling on how to increase points: Consultation regarding points evaluation and counseling to increase scores in the FSW program and Express Entry CRS and labor market impact assessment.
  • Information about different programs that enable you to get Canada PR: We give you details regarding all the programs that enable you to fly to Canada, including the provincial nominee program.
  • Professional resume writing programs: We provide the services of professional resume writers that will fetch you job offers easily from Canadian employers.
  • Job search services: we provide job search services that will help you to procure a job in Canada before going there.
  • All-round services in one place: You need not visit a different consultancy to get different services. We provide you every service in one place.

Which skills are in demand in Canada?

Canada needs skilled immigrants in the following sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Business management
  • Hospitality, etc.

What is the Federal skilled worker points calculator?

To apply for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa, you need to understand the Federal skilled worker points calculator in detail.

  • For education, you can score a maximum of 25 points
  • For English language proficiency you can score 28 points
  • For your work experience, you can get a maximum score of 15 points
  • You can be maximum given 12 points for your age
  • For adaptability, you can score 10 points

What are the other requirements to get Canada PR under FSW program?

The other requirements to get Canada PR through FSW program are:

  1. English language proficiency: IELTS score is mandatory to prove your proficiency in the English Language. If you manage to score a minimum 67 points in the Federal skilled worker points calculator, then you can file your application under the Federal skilled worker program Canada 2020.
  2. Proof of funds: Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa also requires proof of funds that show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in Canada until you are legally employed in Canada or have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

Which programs are managed by the Express Entry?

The Express Entry manages the pool of economic immigration candidates belonging to the categories of:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program- This FSWP program enables skilled foreign workers to migrate to Canada.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program- This FSTP program allows people who are skilled in the field of trade.
  3. Canadian Experience Class-through this CEC program, candidates who have previous work experience or study experience in Canada can migrate to Canada.

If you are a skilled foreign worker and not eligible for Canada PR visa, then you can apply as a temporary foreign worker. But this does not come under Express Entry of Federal Skilled Worker visa. Later you can convert work visa into permanent residence status by gaining all the eligibility criteria like language proficiency or work experience or arranged employment.

Provincial Nominee Program: Another program that provides many immigration options to candidates is the Provincial Nomination Program. PNP is introduced to enable the provinces of Canada to select skilled candidates to meet the skilled labor needs in their companies. Interested candidates can directly give their EOI (Expression of Interest) on the website of their desired province. After verifying all your eligibility criteria, if they like your profile, the authorities of the province will send you a nomination.

This nomination can be used to apply for PR in that province, or this nomination can be added to your Express Entry profile. If you add the provincial nomination to your Express Entry profile, an additional 600 points will be added to your CRS score. This will guarantee that you surpass the cut-off score in the subsequent draw of Express Entry.

The process to get Canada PR through Federal skilled worker program Canada 2020

Skilled immigration under Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa depends on the Comprehensive Ranking System, famously known as the CRS system, and is introduced by the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

  • The Comprehensive Ranking System is purely based on the points system. You are eligible under federal skilled worker program Canada
  • 2020 if you score a minimum of 67 points, which are allocated based on your age, education, experience, and English language skills. The total points allotted are 100 on the whole.
  • After you get the required score in the FSW system, your profile will be placed in the Express Entry pool.
  • After being placed in the pool, your profile will be given a score based on four factors,
  • Core human factors- The basic qualities of a candidate like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc. will be given a score.
  • Skill transferability factors– The skills which can come to use after the migration will be given scores in this section.
  • Spouse factors-If your spouse has eligibility like good education, work experience, language proficiency, the score will be added to your CRS points.
  • Additional factors- Additional factor of getting a nomination from a province of Canada adds 600 points to your CRS score. You can apply for provinces on their websites with all your credentials and bag a nomination. With this nomination, you can either settle in the province which nominated you or can add this nomination to your profile and get 600 additional points to your score.
  • If you get a minimum cut off score or more, you will be issued an “Invitation to Apply” for Canada PR.

What is the processing time to get Canada PR through Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

The processing time depends upon the immigration authorities and the application of an individual. Most of the visas are processed in around six months.

For detailed information and professional assistance with your immigration process, it is recommended to seek the help of experienced immigration consultants.

Contact Kansas Overseas Careers to simplify your visa process in the Federal skilled worker program Canada 2020. The immigration counselors in Kansas Overseas are experienced and have filed many successful visa applications under Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa. For information, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can my spouse work in Canada after coming with me as a dependent visa holder?

A: Yes, your spouse can work in Canada even if he/she came as a dependent.

2. How much time does it take for a Federal Skilled Worker visa to get processed by Canadian  authorities?

A: The authorities will process your Federal Skilled Worker visa in almost 6 months. But it may vary due to different reasons.

3. Can I directly go to Canada under the FSW program without entering the Express Entry pool?

A: The Express Entry system manages the Federal Skilled Program. Hence, no, you cannot go directly to Canada under the FSW program. Once you get selected in the FSW program, you will enter the Express Entry pool, and then the PR selection process starts.

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