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How Can Federal Skilled Trader Visa Help You Get Closer To Canada PR?

There are multiple paths that can draw you closer to the Canada PR. One such pathway is the federal skilled trader visa. Let’s understand what actually FSTP actually is?

What is the federal skilled trader program or FSTP?

This program helps overseas trade workers to work in Canada which subsequently leads to Canada PR. Every year around 3000 workers immigrate to Canada under the federal skilled trader visa. The government of Canada publishes the National Occupational Classification List (NOC) each year denoting the shortage of the skilled trade workers in the country. Based on this list, the IRCC issues the invites to the eligible trade workers from across the globe.


What are the eligibility criteria for the FSTP?

Candidates apply for the federal skilled trade visa are evaluated on the following criteria

Evaluation Criteria Specifications
Work Experience The NOC list has 5 different skill level O,A,B,C,D. Skill level A is limited to only 100 people while skill level B includes·         Bakers and chefs·         Electrical and Construction Trade·         Technical jobs related to agriculture·         Maintenance trade·         Processing and Manufacturing
Language Proficiency The candidate must meet the Canadian Benchmark of language for either English or French and obtain at least CLB 5 for speaking and listening and CLB 4 for reading and writing
Education Educational qualification assessment from a recognized agency. Having a secondary or post-secondary diploma from Canada is an added advantage.
Provincial Requirement  The candidate must obtain certificate of qualification from the province he/she intends to live and work
Admissibility Requirements The candidates·         Must not pose a security risk·         Must not have a criminal record·         Must not have any serious health issue·         Must not have financial problem

How can FSTP help in obtaining Canada PR?

Many industries in Canada like the manufacturing and construction sector face a huge worker crisis. There aren’t skilled welders, plumbers or crane operators. The federal skilled trade worker visa program allows skilled foreign workers with skills matching the requirements in Canada, to migrate and apply for the Canada PR. This program does not only lure skilled workers to work in Canada but also intends to build a strong workforce which resides permanently in the country.

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