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Know about Australia Point system for PR

Australia invites skilled youths to settle and work in the country. For inviting skilled and eligible youths, Australia has a unique point-based system known as Skill Select. The Departments of Home Affairs in Australia offers three skilled PR visa categories. The three skilled visa categories under the Australia Point System are Sub Class 189, Sub Class 190, Sub Class 489.

What is the Skill Select?

The Skill Select is an online system by the Australian government to allow skilled youths to apply for the Australia PR. You must register your Expression of Interest or EOI before applying through Skill Select. Your EOI must contain the following details

  • Personal
  • Qualification
  • Desired/selected occupation
  • Work experience
  • English language proficiency
  • Education evaluation report
  • A skill assessment report related to the profession that you have chosen
  • Business or investment experience ( if any)

After you register your EOI with the Skill Select program, your profile is visible to the Australian employers.  They can nominate you for the Australian PR Visa. The EOI will also help the state/provincial government to select your profile. After registering your EOI, you will get your points. The automatic ranking system will assign you ranks based on your points. If your score is deemed eligible, you can apply for the Australia PR.

You must score at least 65 points on the Australia Point System to get the ITA. Here are the point distributions.


Age Points
18-24 25
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 15
45-49 0

Language Proficiency

Superior English IELTS 8/OET C 20 points
Proficient English IELTS 7/OET B 10 points
Competent English IELTS 6/OET A 0 points

Overseas Work Experience

3 to 5 years (in last 10 years) 5 points
5 to 8 years (in last 10 years) 10 points
8 to 10  (in last 10 years) 15 points

Work Experience in Australia

1-3 years (in last 10 years)  5 points
3-5 years (in last 10 years) 10 points
5-8 years (in last 10 years) 15 points
8-10 years 20 points

Education Qualification

Doctorate recognized as per Australian standards 20 points
Bachelors, Bachelors with Honors, Masters as per Australian standards 15 points
Diploma, trade qualifications completed in Australia or as per Australian standards 10 points
Diploma and Trade qualifications done from Australian institutes 5 points

Nominations or Sponsorships

State or territory sponsorship for subclass 190 5 points
State, territory sponsorship, family sponsorship for visa subclass 489 10 points

Other factors of Australia Point System

Qualified in community language 5 points
Study in Australia (not distance education) 5 points
Partner skill 5 points
At least one year of work experience (in last 4 years 5 points

What is the current Australia PR processing time based on your points?

EOI Points Processing Time
75-80 points 1 month
70 points 5-6 months
65 points  I years (not guaranteed)

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