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What are benefits of student’s direct stream for students applying for Canada Study Visa

What are benefits of student’s direct stream for students applying for Canada Study Visa?

Canada has become the most favorable study destinations for students from across the world, especially from India. The numbers of students getting enrolled into different programs are increasing year after year. The Universities of Canada are also designing newer plans to attract students migrating on Canada study visa.

The government of Canada is backing up the universities in attracting overseas students to migrate to Canada on a study visa. The federal government is determined to make Canada the most desirable study destination for overseas students. Keeping this in mind, the IRCC launched the Student’s Direct Stream (SDS) in 2018. This replaced the previous students’ partner program for streamlining the application process for Canada study visa
for students who want to migrate to Canada for higher education.

The SDS has helped the students from countries like India to have a lower processing time for Canada study visa. However, the students who intend to migrate to Canada under this program will need to clear the English language proficiency exam and submit the proof of fund.

The benefits of applying through the SDS programs for Canada Study Visa

  • Less processing time-The students applying under the SDS will have a visa processing time of 45 days compared to 60 days under the normal stream
  • Less paperwork– The students applying through the SDS will require to submit 2 documents as the proof of fund compared to the 8 documents he/she has to submit under the normal stream
  • Higher chance for getting the Canada PR-The students’ studying in Canada under the SDS are directly eligible to apply for Canada PR though Express Entry.
  • Better provisions to choose courses-The SDS opens up wide ranges of courses and programs for students applying for Canada Study visa through the SDS. Unlike the students’ partner program, the SDS doesn’t limit students from applying only to some specific colleges or universities.

What is the eligibility for applying under SDS?

  • You must be a legal resident of any of these countries-India, China, Philippines or Vietnam
  • You must have the letter of acceptance of your application from the recognized institutes in Canada
  • You should clear the English proficiency test and have a proof of it
  • You must have ample proof of funds to ensure the immigration department that you are able to sustain yourself and bear all your expenditure while you study in Canada

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