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5 Best Ways to get Canada PR from the UK and its Benefits

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Often known as the student’s favorite destination for education, the United Kingdom was also once a land favorite of skilled professionals.

With the visa policies getting stringent in the United Kingdom for permanent residence, professionals considered Canada a better alternative.

Also, with the emergence of Brexit, many skilled professionals living in the United Kingdom started moving to Canada in hopes of a better future and a flourishing career.

5 Best Ways to get Canada PR from the UK and its Benefits

As per the report stated by the 2006-2015 Census, about 71,234 candidates from the United Kingdom and Colonies landed in Canada.

Now comes the question, why is Canada being considered better than the United Kingdom? Well, there is not one reason but many.

Benefits with Canada Immigration from the UK

Many people state Canada as an ideal country and choose as a final destination for the rest of their lives.

There are many reasons proving Canada as a greater place than the UK; a few of them are discussed below:

  1. Compared to the UK, Canada has a higher capacity for holding people. The geographic area of Canada can support over 100 to 150 million people.
  2. Canada is having lenient immigration laws than the UK. Every year a major number of people migrate to Canada and easily get adapted to the country’s lifestyle.
  3. The healthcare system is one of the prominent services which grab the attraction of many. It is popularly known as Medicare and serves most of the services on a free basis.
  4. Candidates who get employed in Canada have better chances to receive a higher income.
  5. Living in Canada seems easier than life in the UK as there is no thought of discrimination, and everyone receives equal opportunities.
  6. Canada proves as a safe country with its low crime rate. People migrating from any corner of the world can easily get settled in the country.
  7. Canada is very well-known for its high standard of living. Immigrants can experience a high quality of life at a lower price than in the UK.
  8. By migrating as a permanent resident, you can have the eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship after a successful 3 years completion with the PR status.

Check Your Eligibility

What is the process for immigrating from the UK to Canada?

Canada is having a good number of visa programs for welcoming candidates all around the world. If you aim to migrate to Canada for permanent residency status, then let us help you with possible immigration ways.

  1. Express Entry System: Express Entry is an electronic platform referred to skilled workers who are planning for Canada PR. The system was introduced to eliminate the loopholes with the before system.

    Through this program, you can migrate and settle as a permanent resident if you are able to prove that you are skilled and have an occupation listed in the Canada occupation list.

    However, to process your application with Express entry, you need to have qualified under any of the Express Entry economic program. There are three economic visa programs for Canada; they are:

    1. Federal Skilled Worker program
    2. Federal Skilled Trades program
    3. Canadian Experience Class
  2. Family Sponsorship: This is a popular route helping many families reunite and stay in the country. In order to migrate through this visa program, you should have a sponsor living in Canada. With the sponsorship you receive, you can live, work, and study in the country.

    The sponsor should be living in the country as a Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident or should be a person registered with an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

  3. Provincial Nominee Program: Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) help the provinces of Canada in choosing skilled candidates for their labour market needs.

    Based on the required eligibility, the provinces nominate candidates and qualify to get settled in the province as permanent residents.

  4. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: You can migrate through this program to get settled in the Quebec province. It is also a points system but operated on the guidelines set by its Quebec administration.

    In order to leave this province, you need to approach the IRCC and get your Canadian Permanent Residency to live in any part of the country.

  5. Business and Investor Migration: Every year, there are a number of people migrating to Canada to set a business in the country.

    Canada welcomes this objective and, the interested candidates can move ahead for investment and employment by applying through the Business Immigration program.

What are the minimum points required for Canada Express Entry 2020?

Express Entry is a points system introduced by the CIC. To be eligible for this system, you need to score a minimum of 67 points under the point’s calculator.

The points are assessed based on your core human factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability.

If you are planning to get your Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR in this year, then you need to have a CRS score which is near to the scores of the recent Express Entry draws.

CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, and it is assigned according to your eligibility factors. The higher the CRS score you obtain, the faster ways to obtain an ITA.

According to the recent draws held by the Express Entry, profiles which are having CRS score from 400-460 have a good possibility for receiving an invitation.

How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from the UK?

The processing cost for Canada immigration from the UK varies on various factors such as the number of people accompanying, dependents, visa program, etc.

If you wish to process your application with the Federal Skilled Workers program, then the cost of the Canada PR visa from the UK is:

Processing Fee for Canada PR with FSWP
Primary Applicant $550
Secondary Applicant (Spouse/Common-law partner) $550
Right of Permanent Residence Fee
Primary Applicant $490
Secondary Applicant (Spouse/Common-law partner) $490
Children accompanying (less than 22 years) $150 each

Apart from these, there are even a few other charges, which include educational credential assessment; IELTS test fee, medical fee, biometrics fee, police clearance certificate fee, etc.

As a UK citizen, can you get a working visa once arrive in Canada?

No, you are not allowed to work after arriving in Canada with your UK citizenship. For any non-citizens, Canada doesn’t permit to work after arriving.

A work permit is needed to work in Canada. Before you arrive in Canada, you should get a work permit. This will help you work in the country with your UK citizenship.

How easy is it for a UK citizen to migrate to Canada permanently?

Canada Immigration can be easier when you have obtained the right guidance. The process involves many stages and requirements.

Any incorrect step can lead your complete visa process to face hurdles. Hence, it is advised to choose an immigration agent to migrate easily from the UK.

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