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Anusha stands out for in-depth knowledge of Canada, UK and Australia visa process. With 7+years of experience, she adds a lot of worth to the team.

Many people fear Canada immigration consultancies. This is because of a misconception that consultancies dupe skilled professionals with their money. However, not all consultancies are same.

In fact with registration of companies becoming more significant and verification by Canadian Immigration Department becoming strict, there is 0% chance for any consultancy to dupe you.

Canada immigration consultancies in India who are genuine have a successful track record of authentic services, are often associated with an agent (direct or independent) of IRCC and are reviewed positively by thousands of successful immigrants.

Canada Consultancy

Kansas Overseas Careers is one them. We have a growing success rate with over 1500 visas processed successful. Our 0% rejection rate and services beyond visa process are our strength.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, we are the best place where you can process your visa safely and secure. We follow a strict terms of association and are clear about all expenses before you sign up with us.

Now you may be wondering how we do this. The below questions and answers will help you understand about our immigration service in an elaborate manner.

How can you migrate to Canada?

To migrate to Canada you either must be a skilled professional or a candidate who holds specialization (and certificate) in a skilled trade.

Canada allows candidates only on these two parameters because these are the two major areas where the country seeks talent. However, you also have to ensure that you meet the below eligibility criteria to migrate to Canada from India (as a skilled worker)

  • You must be of a young age (preferably under 40 years)
  • You must be a graduate from a recognized University
  • You must have at least 1 year of full time work experience in any occupation that is listed under Canada’s immigration demand list (known as NOC)
  • You must prove your English language proficiency by passing the IELTS exam
  • You must be able to score at least 67 points on Canadian immigration points grid

If you want to migrate to Canada as a skilled trade’s person, you have to meet a different set of eligibility criteria. To understand this, consult our Canadian visa expert online.

Who or What is Canadian visa expert?

Who or What is Canadian visa expert?

A Canadian visa expert is a professional who is specialized in processing Canada visas and guiding about the process to the commons.

The role of a Canadian visa expert is significant in the Canadian immigration process.

Our experts first help you make the decision of migrating to Canada solely based upon your eligibility. Only if you are eligible and we see that you have genuine chances of success, we suggest you to proceed further.

Our Canadian visa experts also help you choose the right direction. As there are over 60 visa programs by Canada, our visa experts ensures that you choose a pathway that you are eligible for and also easy for you to migrate to Canada.

What are the pathways to get PR in Canada from India?

The first and most challenging aspect of obtaining a Canadian PR visa from India is to understand which program you must choose. As every program has a different procedure and eligibility criteria, you must be aware of the few commonly applied ones and their conditions to apply.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Visa – To apply for this visa, you must be a graduate with at least 1 year of full-time work experience.
    You do not need any job offer or sponsorship from Canada. However, you may be asked to prove your English language skills and choose your occupation code from Canada NOC.
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Visa – To apply for this visa, you must a trade’s person, willing to take up a trade profession/business in Canada.
    You need a valid trade certificate and related work experience. For this visa too, you may be asked to prove your English language skills.
  3. Canadian Experience Class Visa – To apply for this visa, you must have work experience from Canada.
    This program was designed primarily for candidates who are residing in Canada on a work permit and want to change their status to permanent residency.
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs – To apply for this visa, you must be eligible under any of the respective provincial nominee programs. Several provinces of Canada nominate candidates based on their skills through their visa programs.
    If you are eligible to meet the nomination requirements, you can apply for this pathway.

“When you apply for a Federal Skilled Worker Program and simultaneously apply for a provincial nominee program, the chances for visa success increase by 40%. Over 500 of our clients who applied for a PNP last year received their PR visa faster than those who did not.”

The all above pathways are managed by Canada Express Entry, an electronic platform designed by Canada Immigration and Citizenship Department.

If you do not wish to migrate to Canada under Express Entry System, you have few other quick and easy options. These include:

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – You can apply for this only if you have a job offer from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador or New Brunswick.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program – You can apply for this program only if you intend to live and work in the Quebec province.

Ask Our Canada Consultants

How long does it take to get PR in Canada?

The time to obtain a PR visa of Canada primarily depends upon the time you spent in applying for the visa. If you apply for the visa and delay the document submission process, your visa success will be delayed.

Also, another factor that contributes to your time is your score. If you have a higher score, you get the visa faster.

Since getting a Canada PR visa is solely based upon the draws conducted by CIC and the CRS cut off score it fixes, there is no guaranteed time that can be committed as visa success time.

However, the process after receiving ITA completes in about 6-8 months.

How much money do you need to settle in Canada?

To migrate to Canada from India, there are several expenses and costs you will have to bear. These costs include visa fee, right to permanent residency fee, IELTS fee, ECA fee and more.

The best way to understand the overall cost of each of the factors and also their conversion rate in INR is through our cost analysis report. This report details out stage-wise costs of Canada immigration process.

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How can you get PR visa for Canada without any consultancy?

Getting a PR visa without any consultancy may be time consuming. Sometimes, it is also risky. In case you miss out any document or your application is done wrong, it will be a big loss of money, time and effort to you.

Hence, it is always advised to choose the best Canada consultancy in India for a smooth and stress-free visa process.

Where can you find best consultancy for immigration to Canada?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the best consultancy for immigration to Canada. This is not something that we are saying but the successful immigrants of Canada.

Check out our testimonials to understand why we are rated among the best consultancies in India for Canada visas.

For a better understanding of how we can help you process to visa success even in the most challenging situations, explore our case studies.

You can find us in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag, Chennai and Thane. Feel free to visit our office for a free consultation between Monday-Saturday. To schedule your visit, call us toll free: 1800-102-0109.