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Canada Immigration Assessment - Important Questions That you’ll Have to Answer

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Canada is a nation that allows you to enter and live in its entity solely based on your skills. You are required to get your skills tested and score 67 points for each skill factor.

This point-based process is the Canada immigration Assessment.

canada immigration assessment 5 important questions that you have to answer

Before you go ahead with understanding how this assessment takes place, know why evaluation is necessary:

  • It determines your eligibility
  • It helps in the analysis score under each factor
  • It is helpful to decide on the NOC code (based on your occupation)
  • It helps you find out your Comprehensive Ranking Score
  • Through assessment, you will be able to understand which visa program you must apply

When do you need a Canada immigration assessment?

Not all the visas that take you to Canada require an assessment. There are specific visa categories (PR visa) that need an evaluation to find out your chances of success. These visa programs are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Trades Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Immigration Program

As every program follows a different set of eligibility criteria, often, the assessment pattern of each program varies slightly.

While there are many online Canada points calculators available for PR visa assessment, it is always best suggested to hire an immigration consultant to do this assessment for you.

The primary reason is that these online calculators for Canada immigration are robotic and miss out on the regular updates.

Immigration consultants specialized in assessments help you calculate your points under the most updated rules. Their evaluation is most accurate.

Just in case your Canada immigration assessment shows that you are not eligible for the Canada PR visa, you also get help in understanding the reasons along with well-guided solutions.

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While there are plenty of guides available online that help you understand how points are calculated for Canada immigration.

The immigration consultants may ask you questions while conducting this assessment. Hence, this blog details out all the frequently asked questions of Canada PR Visa assessment.

1. What is your profile?

Your profile is nothing but all the details that relate to your age, education, work experience, marital status, etc. This is asked primarily because Canada immigration success depends upon your profile demand.

As Canada promises to issue PR visas to young candidates with the best experience in occupation with highest, these details help immigration consultants to find out whether you meet the set criteria.

2. Is your spouse going to accompany your immigration?

Married candidates are asked this question because if the spouse is accompanying, and meets Canada PR visa eligibility factors, his/her skills can get extra points.

Also, if the profile is comparatively better and more points scoring, the spouse can become the primary applicant.

3. Do you have any specific achievements or Nobel Prize?

Canada immigration system, the Express Entry, works on a Comprehensive Ranking System.

The selection of an application is also based on this (CRS) system. If you have any achievement or Nobel Prize, you are given additional points on your CRS score.

4. Do you have relatives in Canada who are at least 18 years of age?

Having relatives who are either permanent residents or citizens of Canada can get you additional points on your CRS score.

Hence, immigration consultants ensure to ask this question to help you not miss any chances of improving your CRS score.

5. Do you need assistance in preparing an application for Canadian permanent residence?

While every immigration consultant may not ask this question, some of them may want to help you out with services beyond the visa process.

As migration to Canada is more than just preparing applications or processing the Canada PR visa, immigration consultants (of Kansas Overseas Careers) ensure that besides the necessary assistance, a lot more is offered.

Now that you know what immigration consultants ask you during your assessment, don’t you want to know what you should ask them?

These questions are more relevant and crucial than what they ask you. Each subject listed here has its significance and importance.

So, before you head your way towards any immigration consultant in India, list down to ask the below question to your consultant and why.

1. What is the requirement to migrate to Canada?

Canada has set several requirement parameters for immigration applicants. Only if you can meet these parameters, you can apply for the Canada visa.

So, ask your consultant to list down all the PR visa requirement details while they assess your profile.

2. Do I qualify to migrate to Canada?

While this is your must-ask question, consultants of Canada immigration will be able to answer this only after they have assessed your profile and evaluated your score.

However, to give you a quick understanding of whether you qualify or not, they may ask you if you meet the below criteria:

Requirements of Canada Immigration

3. What are the minimum points required for Express Entry in Canada?

Asking this question will help you understand the current trend of the CRS score. This score determines how quickly your application can be selected. The more your CRS, the faster you can receive your visa.

Also, checking out the latest Express Entry Draw score will help you understand what score you may need to reach to get your application selected in the least possible time.

4. What if my occupation is not listed under the NOC?

Your application must be listed under NOC, a list of occupations specially designed for Canada immigration.

Immigration consultants can help you with alternate measures to proceed further in case your occupation is not listed under this.

5. When and how do I attempt the IELTS?

Many professionals face big confusion when it comes to IELTS. While some argue against attempting it before the assessment, some choose to try it after the ECA process.

Taking guidance from immigration consultants on IELTS will help you make an informed decision.

6. How long does it take to process the Canada PR visa?

An estimated timeline of every activity will help you get ready for the next step.

While many immigration consultants often detail out the step-by-step Canada immigration process with timelines, it is sometimes better to ask in case they miss out.

7. What should I do in case I am not getting the visa in said time?

This question can help you stay informed about alternate options in case your visa success is impossible in less time for various reasons.

What is the cost of migrating to Canada?

The cost to migrate to Canada merely depends upon which visa you choose. Many candidates commonly apply for FSW PR Visa. If your consultant informs you an overall cost, this below image may be handy for you to understand costs under each stage:

What is the cost to migrate to Canada?

If you are looking for a trusted Canada immigration assessment with accurate results, Kansas Overseas Careers is here to help you.

We have India’s best-evaluated experts and immigration consultants, trained to serve you best.

From immigration application to searching for accommodation for you in Canada, we take care of everything!

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