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Choose the right visa program for your travel around Canada

K Nagaraju

Service Delivery Manager

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Why is Canada becoming a popular destination to all age groups? Whether it is for a student or a skilled worker or a tourist or an entrepreneur, Canada is offering plenty opportunities and benefits to live in the country.

Also, with its simplest visa process, it is helping most of them to reach their dream goals.

Choose the right visa program for your travel around Canada

Canada is very well known for its immigration pathways. With its recent changes in the immigration programs, it is encouraging over 1 million immigrants, and in the year 2018, it has welcomed a total of 89,022 skilled professionals.

Seeking the immense opportunities to settle in the country, candidates from all over the world feel Canada immigration as the best one.

Canada has a number of visa programs, and each visa has its specific category. Let us now discuss the different types of Canada visas.

What are the visa categories of Canada?

There are various visa programs managed by the Canadian government. Generally, these are classified as Permanent Resident Visas and Temporary Resident visas.

Temporary Resident Visas:

These visa categories allow the candidates to settle in the country for a specific time. This period of time is usually given for up to 6 months by the Canadian Consulate or the Border Services Officers (BSO). The visa type can be either single entry or multiple entries.

Permanent Resident Visas:

These visas are mainly for the candidates who plan to live in the country permanently to settle in the country. The visas are commonly known as Immigrant Visas.

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What are the visa categories under the Temporary Resident Visa?

The temporary resident visas are many and are mainly considered based on your eligibility, purpose, and duration of stay. The different types of temporary visas are:

  • Tourist Visa: The visa is also known as visit visa. It is issued to the candidates with a plan to visit Canada on tourism purpose for a limited period of time.
  • Business Visa: The visa is granted for business professionals who plan to travel to Canada as individuals or a group of business professionals.
  • Student Visa: It is referred for the candidates who are seeking admission from any of the Canadian university. If your study course is for less than 6 months, then you can get a temporary resident visa.
    But, if the study is more than 6 months, then you need to get your student visa.
  • Temporary Work Visa: The visa category is referred to the candidates with a job opportunity to work in Canada for up to 6 months.
    While processing the application, a valid job offer letter from an employer is an important field to qualify for the visa.
  • Temporary Resident Permit: The visa issued to the candidates moving to Canada on various purposes. Based on your visit purpose, the period of duration will be accepted.
  • Working Holiday Visa: This visa is provided to young professionals belonging from 30 countries. With the visa, the professionals can work and travel in the country.
    The candidates applying for this visa can wait to get selected and apply for the work permit.

What are the visa categories under Permanent Resident Visa?

The visa categories under the Permanent Resident Visas allow a skilled worker from any country to live and settle in the country permanently. The various immigrant visas include:

  • Express Entry Programs: Express Entry is an electronic platform managing most of the powerful immigration programs for Canadian Permanent Residence.
    If you are aiming to get your application processed through this system, you need to at least score 67 points in its point’s grid.
    The economic programs under the Express Entry include Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Workers Program and Canadian Experience Class.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: The programs help you to immigrate to Canada and settle in a specific province. These PNP programs are mainly denoted to semi or low-skilled candidates who can contribute towards the Canadian economy.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program: To process your applications through Quebec program, you need to have good fluency in French and meet the other requirements.
  • Family Sponsorship Program: This is a popular pathway to re-unite the immigrants’ families. Canadian permanent residents or citizens can sponsor their spouse or dependent children on this visa type.
  • Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP): The visa is issued for qualified care-takers who can manage disabled people, elderly persons, and children in Canada.
  • Immigrant Investor Program: The program refers to candidates planning for investments in Canada. If you plan to migrate through this plan, you need to a net worth of a minimum of CAD 800,000.
    However, the mandatory investment is CAD 400,000, and it will be returned in 5 years by the government without interest.

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Who can apply for Canada Visa?

Canada Visas can be applied by the candidates living in the visa exemption countries or who do not fall under the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) agreement with Canada.

Specifically, the visa is needed for people living around 148 countries have to get a visit visa, student visa, work visa, or immigration visa to Canada.

If you wish to move to Canada from such regions, then you need to apply for the visa type based on your requirement. Then follow the required steps to process your application process.

Who can apply for eTA Canada?

In order to apply for the eTA, you need to have a valid passport, an updated email address, debit, or credit card. The process is simpler, and it takes a few minutes to process an eTA application.

Approved eTAs will have up to five year’s validity. The people living in the below-mentioned countries are allowed to apply for eTA:

Andorra Anguilla Australia Austria
Bahamas Barbados Belgium British Citizen
British National¹ British Virgin Islands British Subject² Brunei Darussalam
Bulgaria Cayman Islands Chile Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Finland France Germany
Gibraltar Greece Hong Kong³ Hungary
Iceland Ireland Israel4 Italy
Japan Republic of Korea Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Mexico
Monaco Montserrat Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Papua New Guinea Pitcairn Island Poland
Portugal Romania Samoa San Marino
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands
Spain Saint Helena Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan⁶ United Arab Emirates Permanent resident of the U.S⁷ Vatican City State⁸

Note: The people belonging to the countries British National¹, British Subject², Hong Kong³, Israel⁴, Romania⁵, Taiwan⁶, Permanent resident of the U.S.⁷ and Vatican City State⁸ have certain specifications and conditions.

These have to be fulfilled by the candidate traveling from the listed countries.

What are the documents required for entering into Canada?

For the candidates with a plan to travel Canada provide should the mentioned documents to support their living. The documents include:

  • Valid identity proofs, passport, travel documents, etc.
  • Should have good health.
  • Must not hold any criminal record.
  • If you are moving for a temporary visit, then you should be able to convince the immigration officials that, you will be returning as you have an employment, home, assets or family living.
  • Should be able to prove that you have enough funds to support your living in Canada.
  • If you are moving with your family, then you should able to show your valid relationship.

It is better to contact an immigration expert for in-detailed information on the requirements. If you are planning to meet experienced immigration consultants, then consider Kansas Overseas Careers.

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