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Hong Kong Dependent Visa

Hong Kong would be your dream destination for a rewarding career. The territory is among the fastest-growing economies across the world. Thus, it attracts many enthusiast professionals and aspiring immigrants.

You might be thinking of taking your family along to Hong Kong. For staying in Hong Kong along with your family, there are certain norms you need to follow for a Hong Kong Dependent Visa.

When you are already in Hong Kong, for your employment or business, it might be your dream to take your family along. Even when your sponsors are in Hong Kong, you would love to stay there as well. It is vital to study the provisions for your Hong Kong Immigration.

About Hong Kong Dependent Visa

Hong Kong Dependent Visa is the gateway for immigration Hong Kong of the spouse. Again, the dependent unmarried children can also opt for a Dependent Visa. An aspiring immigrant can submit a Visa Application Form for dependents.

This Scheme is for the relocation of immediate family members. The principal visa holders need to meet a variety of requirements to get a dependent visa. The permit for a stay of the dependents relies on the main applicant.

The dependents can stay in Hong Kong when the principal applicant is working or studying. For ease in approval, the sponsor needs to furnish details of his or her financial capacity. This ensures that the main Visa Holder would take care of the dependents for a considerable time.

If you are planning to take your family along to Hong Kong, it is significant to know the requirements. Let us figure out the eligibility criteria in detail. This exercise would help you to prepare and complete the Visa Application Form.

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Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Dependent Visa

The allotment of a Dependent Visa relies on the residency status of the main visa holder. The procedure is easy for foreign nationals with a Permanent Residency Status. The Hong Kong Law allows an applicant with a work visa to take along his or her family.

There are different categories of applicants:

Category A:

A Permanent Resident of Hong Kong without a limit of stay; can opt for Dependent Visa for:

  • Spouse
  • His or her unmarried children below 18 years of age. The legal guardian can also apply for a legally adopted child.
  • His or her parents above 60 years of age.

Category B:

  • An applicant with a work visa being a professional,
  • An applicant with an investment visa to form or join a business in Hong Kong
  • Undergoing training
  • A student visa holder, taking a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course
  • An immigrant under the Quality Migrant Immigration Scheme

Any of these types of applicants can opt for Dependent Visas for:

  • Their spouse
  • Unmarried children below 18 years of age. This also includes their legally adopted children.

The Immigration Department exempts the residents of the People's Republic of China from this scheme. again, former residents of China, at present living in Macau, don't need to apply. Yet, their entry should not be through the One-Way Permit Scheme.

These arrangements do not apply to residents of Afghanistan, Cuba, Albania, and Korea.

About compulsion of Marriage Certificate

Only the “legal dependents” with an immediate relationship with the sponsor are eligible. The children under 18 years of de facto marriage can be eligible. The partners through same-sex marriage or in a live-in relationship or same-sex marriage cannot apply.

Thus, it is mandatory to furnish the Marriage Certificate. The Marriage Certificate indicates a legally married relationship with the sponsor. There might be couples staying together without getting legally married. Yet, such dependents cannot get a Hong Kong Dependent Visa.

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Language Skills Requirements:

The main visa applicant intending to work in Hong Kong needs to submit the scores. IELTS or TOEFL is the recognized test for English. For Chinese, PSC or HSK scores are necessary up to a specified level.

Yet, the dependents staying with the sponsors don't need this, to begin with. There are separate directives about the eligibility of the dependents to study or work. The dependents can study in Hong Kong without any prior permission. For studying, they need to apply for a student visa.

About eligibility of the dependents to work in Hong Kong

Only the dependents of sponsors that are:

  • Permanent Residents,
  • With entry allowed for employment
  • Immigrants through Capital Investment Scheme can opt for employment in Hong Kong.

The dependents of the sponsors studying in Hong Kong cannot get employment. The sponsors can enroll for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course in a reputed institution. Such dependents must seek prior permission from the Immigration Department to work.

Dependent Visa Holders don't need a separate work visa. If they follow the set requirements, they can opt for employment in Hong Kong.

Required Documents for Dependent Visa in Hong Kong

The applicants need to furnish the following documents:

  • Complete Dependent Visa Application Form. If the child is below 16 years of age, the parents or legal guardian need to sign the application.
  • The applicants under Category B would have an inbuilt section for dependents. So, they don't need to submit a separate application for Dependent Visa.
  • Passport copies indicating personal details.
  • For current residents of Hong Kong, the copies indicating their arrival are essential.
  • The Chinese nationals need to submit their Identity Card and travel document.
  • Hong Kong Identity Card if any
  • Residents of Macau need to submit Identity Card of Macau
  • Taiwan household registration and Identity Card for Taiwan Residents
  • Proof of relationship with the sponsor. The proof includes a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, family photographs, family letters, and so on.

The sponsors or principal visa holders need to furnish the following documents:

  • Application Form - Part B for Dependent Visa
  • Hong Kong Identity Card if any
  • Passport copies with personal details. Again, if the sponsor stays in Hong Kong; the copies indicating arrival and extension of stay.
  • The Chinese Residents can apply for an HKSARPassport. Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) can also apply. You are eligible to get an HKSARPassport if you hold a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.
  • Photocopies indicating the subsistence level of the sponsor. This includes bank statements, saving bank passbooks, tax returns, and salary slips.
  • Residential proof of the sponsor in Hong Kong. You can submit the rental receipts.
  • All the details may not include in a built-in application. Here, the sponsor should attach an affirmation stating his or her employment details. This affirmation should include work permit details, contract duration, and salary details.
  • The sponsor can add valid documents showcasing his or her financial ability. This is crucial to convince the department about the survival of the dependents.

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The procedure to apply for Hong Kong Dependent Visa

  • The applicant and dependents need to complete the application form. They must attach all necessary supportingdocuments.
  • You must submit the completed application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  • Applicants staying abroad can apply at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their country.
  • Are you residing in Mainland China, with a foreign passport? You can apply to the Hong Kong Immigration Division in Beijing.
  • The sponsors can submit the inbuilt applications along with their main visa applications.
  • You must pay the applicable Visa Fee in a specified mode.
  • Hong Kong Immigration Department issues an invitation letter to successful applicants. The letter includes a Visa / Entry Permit Label.
  • You need to affix this Visa Label on a blank page of your passport.
  • Present this label to the immigration officials on your entry in Hong Kong.
  • You also need to opt for an Exit-entry permit for traveling to Hong Kong from China Mainland.

Timeline for Hong Kong Dependent Visa

This is a crucial factor to consider while planning for your Hong Kong Immigration. You need to submit your Dependent Visa Application Form along with all the documents. The usual processing time for approval would be around six weeks.

Here, your application gets approval faster if it is complete in all respects. Again, please make sure that you are furnishing all the documents required. Thus, there would be no queries from the Immigration Department.

The process would delay if any part of your application and paperwork is unclear. You can always seek expert assistance from the reputed immigration consultants. They would let you know the technicalities and make sure that you get the dependent visa faster.

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Renewal of Dependent Visa

You can apply for the renewal of a dependent visa four weeks before the expiry of the limit of stay. The dependents should meet the eligibility criteria. Again, the principal applicant must stay in Hong Kong for the specified period.

The Immigration Department allots renewal or extension of stay for two years, to begin with. Later, you can opt for renewal for two more, and then three more years. After seven years of continuous stay, applicants can opt for Permanent Residence.


We intend to help you get Hong Kong Dependent Visa faster. In this blog, we are attempting to explain the requirements and procedures in brief. We hope that you understand the details in a precise manner. Else, for an elaborated discussion, you can always feel free to reach out to our nearest immigration consultant in India.