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15 Facts on Singapore Dependent Visa

Planning to move to Singapore with your loved ones? Get all the information needed to get a visa on arrival for your family members.

Not only a dependent visa holder can move with you to Singapore, but they can also work or pursue higher studies there.

According to the statistic provided by the Singapore government off the total population, around 23% are the foreign nationals holding the passport of a different country.

With the help of a dependent entry permit, the individual working in Singapore can accompany their spouse to the country. They do not have to come with a valid holiday visa.

1. What is Singapore dependent visa?

Moving to Singapore to live with your family members needs Dependent Visa also called as Dependent Pass. An individual with below types of work visa will be fit to apply for Dependent Pass:

  • Employment Pass (EP)
  • S Pass holders
  • EntrePass holders
  • Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders

A dependant visa is valid like to the main applicant's Singapore work visa who is working in the country. This pass allows the individual to exit and re-enter the country without any problem.

2. Who can come to Singapore on a dependent visa?

For dependent visas a set of family members are allowed:

  • Spouse- husband or wife of the main applicant
  • Unmarried children under 21 years old-kids who are dependent on the main applicant
  • Baby born in Singapore

Newborn gets a special visa after which the dependent status is given.

3. What are the features of a dependent visa holder?

Main features of a dependent visa are:

  • The legal spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old can go for a dependent visa
  • The dependent visa process can be started by the employer or the immigration agent
  • Initially, the visa is issued for 2 years which can be later extended according to the work visa it is bound to
  • Allowed to work in Singapore upon finding a job
  • They do not account to foreign worker quota or levy
  • EntrePass visa holders are eligible to apply for dependent visa for their spouse and children after the first renewal
  • They will grant the baby born in Singapore with a dependent visa if one of the parents meets the salary requirement.

The baby needs to leave the country upon expiry of special pass issues for 6 weeks if the requirements do not meet.

4. What are the requirements for a Singapore dependent visa?

If the employment work holder can meet the following requirements, he or she is eligible to apply for a dependent visa:

  • Have Employment Pass or S Pass,
  • Earn a minimum monthly salary of $6000,
  • Sponsor by an authorised and Singapore registered company.

5. How to apply for a dependent visa in Singapore

You can do the application for a dependent visa in 2 forms based on the visa the applicant holds:

  • Online form: Dependants of Employment Pass and S Pass holders or
  • Manual form: Dependents of EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass and Employment Pass (sponsorship) holders

The employer or the visa agents should submit the application form.

6. What are the steps to get a Dependent Visa?

Following are the steps to get a dependent visa:

Step 1: Submission

  • Submit the application form to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
  • Apply on the website if it is an online form.
  • For manual form by post to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) centre.
  • The employer or immigration agent should do the submission.

Step 2: In-principle approval (IPA) letter

  • The Ministry of Manpower issue In-principle approval (IPA) letter upon approval
  • Employer or the agent receives the In-principle approval (IPA) letter.
  • IPA letter has information regarding the other documents needed to get a visa.
  • An employer may receive a rejection letter stating the reason for rejection.

Step 3: Notification Letter

  • With the help of the IPA letter, the dependents enter Singapore. It acts as a visit pass.
  • Employers or visa agents will submit the documents and does the payment to MOM for issuing the pass.
  • Upon issuing of pass or visa, print the notification letter.

Step 4: Fingerprints and Photo

  1. Check the notification letter stating foreign citizen needs to give fingerprint and photo.
  2. If yes, make an appointment and visit nearby MOM centre to register for fingerprint and photo.
  3. Below documents should be taken while going to MOM centre
    • Passport
    • Appointment Letter
    • Notification letter
    • List of documents in IPA Letter

Step 5: Card Deliver

  • They will deliver card after 4 working days, after verification of the foreign passport holder’s documents.
  • If there was no registration, they will deliver the card in 3 working days.

7. What is the fee for a Dependent visa holder?

Below are the fee cost details during the visa process:

  • Submission of application: $ 105 (INR 7900);
  • When the visa is issued: $ 225 (INR 11,900) for each dependent;
  • Each Multiple journey visa (if applicable): $ 30 (INR 1600)

8. What are the documents required for Singapore dependent visa?

Visa requirements for the application are:

  1. Travel document i.e. Passport copies of all dependents;
  2. Legally Married Spouse: Marriage Certificate;
  3. Children under 21 years-
    • Birth Certificate (stating parents name)
    • Vaccination verification requirements for 12 years and below
  4. Adopted children under 21 years-
    • Copy of adoption details and other supporting documents
    • Vaccination verification requirements for 12 years and below

The embassy may ask for additional documents during the review of the application.

9. How long does it take to get a dependent visa for Singapore?

The processing time depends on various factors. Hence, it differs from person to person.

The process depends upon the form of application:

  • For the online mode of application, it takes about 3 weeks
  • For the manual mode of application, it takes about 8 weeks

10. Can dependent visa work in Singapore?

The following are the case, under which you can work with a dependent visa in Singapore.

  • They allow you to work on a dependent visa only by getting a Letter of Consent (LOC) from a company in Singapore.
  • The potential employer needs to apply to MOM with a letter of consent for you to work.
  • You must be the dependent of Employment Pass, EntrePass, or Personalised Employment Pass to work in Singapore.

Letter of consent is the sole employment letter to work in Singapore.

11. Can parents get a dependent visa in Singapore?

Any immigrant would want to get his/her parents to live with them. The following are the conditions under which they pass holder can bring parents on dependent visa.

  • The employment pass or S Pass holder can apply a dependent visa for parents and unmarried common-law partners. Such visas are Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP).
  • If the parent is earning a fixed monthly salary of $ 12,000 can also apply for a Long term visa.
  • This visa can take up to 2 years like to the valid work permit.
  • The Long Term Visit Pass holders can work if they get a job.

12. What are the benefits of Singapore dependent visa?

Being dependent on Singapore employment pass-holder have benefits in many ways:

  • Dependent Visa holders are eligible to work after getting a letter of consent from the employer in Singapore
  • Easy to get a letter of consent
  • They are eligible to study in Singapore without any additional application for the student visa
  • Dependents can hold shared of a Singapore registered company
  • Getting Letter of consent is a rapid and easy process
  • They are free from quota and levies in spite of the holder’s qualification and minimum salary
  • A dependent child can get admission in any of the schools in the country
  • A foreign citizen can apply for visit pass to South Korea
  • They are eligible to start a business in Singapore and create employment.

13. When can you cancel a dependent visa for Singapore?

You should cancel the dependent visa when:

  • main pass holder gets permanent residency
  • Dependent is leaving Singapore.

The employer or the employment agent should cancel the dependent pass.

14. How can dependent pass holders apply for permanent residence?

The dependent visa holder can get a Permanent residency status only through the work visa holder which binds them.

Upon approval of the PR for the applicant of the Singapore employment visa, the Singapore government will also approve the application for the spouse and dependent children at the same time.

The employment work visa holder must have a minimum of 6 months of Singapore work experience. With this experience, the employment visa holder can apply for permanent residency.

15. What are the benefits of a permanent residence?

A permanent resident of Singapore gets all the rights and benefits which are same as the Singapore citizen like:

  • Apply for permanent residency for spouse and children under 21 years.
  • Apply for a long-stay visa for parents.
  • Apply for citizenship after a few years.
  • Application is not required for re-entry permit while leaving or entering the country.
  • Application is not required for a work permit when joining new jobs.
  • Application is not required for Schengen visa if you are a Singapore citizen.

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