Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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Differences Between Immigration Attorneys and Agents

Immigration Attorneys and Agents

Students who wish to go abroad have many choices, these days. But many of them end up taking courses that are not suitable for them or end up in institutions that are not worth going to. Reason? Lack of proper guidance!

Kansas, a young company run by professionals, is committed to give you impartial advice on your higher education & career and help secure your future.

Kansas offers an integrated package of services to students who wish to go abroad for higher educations absolutely free Of Cost. Any other services other than admissions to Universities, like booking etc would be taken care of. ... Read More

Kansas and Usual Consultancy

With various consultancy across India,each claiming to be the best, it becomes more difficult to choose the right consultancy, just like opting a right country to migrate.

Here are few reason why you should consider Kansas before taking an important step migrate overseas and decide for yourself what suits you the best. ... Read More

PR Visa and Work Permit

With our own independent analysis, we found that most of the aspirants who want to move to foreign country, specially countries like Canada, Australia, US like to move on a "Work Permit", which is assumed to be safer and cheaper option than "Permanent Residence" Visa.

But a further study may reflect that "Permanent Residence" visa is a far more feasible option than a Work Permit in a longer run.

Basically its "Freedom"(PR Visa) v/s Security(work permit). Kansas has list few points which might be worth considering before take a decision to relocate. ... Read More