Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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Difference between Immigration Attorneys and Agents

Students who wish to go abroad have many choices, these days. But many of them end up taking courses that are not suitable for them or end up in institutions that are not worth going to. Reason? Lack of proper guidance!

Kansas Overseas Careers, a young company run by professionals, is committed to give you impartial advice on your higher education & career and help secure your future.

Kansas Overseas Careers offers an integrated package of services to students who wish to go abroad for higher educations absolutely free Of Cost.

Any other services other than admissions to Universities, like booking etc would be taken care of.

Immigration attorneys are registered and recognized authorized representatives have right to act on behalf of the applicants and represent them in the immigration court.

Immigration Agents are concerned for assisting people in overall immigration task, right from filling the application form. Becoming a visa immigration agent is not as difficult as most of the people think

  • one need to be well qualified
  • and having little experience with immigration policies to become an immigration expert. There's no any kind of certification or specific standard required for becoming an immigration agent.

Responsible for assisting people in immigration exercises, immigration agent's important role in making people's dream is certainly not hidden from anyone and much highlighted nowadays.

Their is much important job includes explaining every details about immigration laws, filling application forms, assisting in documentation and much more.

Kansas Overseas Careers Team consists of Immigration agents who has worked in Immigration field for ages and helped individuals in fulfilling their dreams.

Kansas Overseas Careers also have Immigration attorneys/ registered and recognized authorized representatives, available at a different price and regulations.