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Eligibility For Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Are you a skilledworker and looking for an overseas employment opportunity? Australia can be a great option to migrate to Australia is a vibrant economy that invites skilled independents.

You can expect a rewarding career with great prospects in various parts of the country with migration on a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189.

Eligibility For Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

What is Australia's skilled independent visa subclass 189?

If you skilled in any occupation that Australia is facing a shortage of labour, then Australia subclass 189 is a great pathway for you to reach the country’s labour market.

Through this visa you can submit your application for permanent residency without a sponsorship.

Yes. This is true. Even if you are not sponsored by a state or territory government in Australia, an employer or family members; you can apply.

The Australian government offers skilled migration under this program, provided that you meet the minimum requirements for successful immigration.

The Australian authorities have designed visa subclass 189 primarily as a source to attract skilled independent workers.

If your expertise meets their skilled occupation demands, the Australian government in now here reject your application.

The selection process for the applications is points based. These points are given for your age, qualification, skills and your proficiency in English language.

Only if you are able to get sufficient points for these factors, you will be allowed to apply as a skilled independent based on these factors.

If you are wondering how to check your demand and points for general skilled migration, it is best suggested to seek help from our migration agents.

Else, continue reading in order to understand and overview of how to qualify for Australia immigration.

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Do you qualify to immigrate to Australia?

The below requirements qualify you for visa subclass 189:

  • Opt for the right occupation:
  • As said above, your occupation needs to be high on demand in the Australian territory. This you can do by choosing an occupation from the Skilled Occupation list before you submit your application.

    You can access this occupation list online. This list is updated from time to time.

    This is one of the most crucial requirements for your Australian immigration. To prove your occupational expertise, you also need to clear the Skills Assessment for Australian Citizenship.

    The visa issuing authorities make sure that you have the skills to get long term employment and stay rights in Australia. Your skills must be an asset to the Australian economy.

  • Skill assessment:
  • Australian authorities assess your skills before giving you the green signal of the visa process. In order to do so, you are required to undergo a Skills assessment.

    You must prove your valid work experience through documents and capability to migrate as a skilled independent.

    The assessment, also improves your chances to work in Australia as a skilled independent. After passing this, you should select proper channels to apply. Only then, your application will be accepted within the first attempt.

    You can hire a migration agent to get help about the documents you need to submit. This will also reduce the chances of delay in the process of your application.

  • Prove your language skills:
  • To migrate to Australia, your language skills is among the requirements. You need to have proficient English when you apply for migration to Australia.

    The authorities ensure that you are skilled in the English language through a test, much preferably IELTS.

    You need to score at least 6 in the 4 different modules of IELTS. This test checks your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in the English language.

    When you clear this assessment, your migration becomes much easier. In fact your dream of immigration to Australia gets simpler when you complete this language assessment.

    Our trusted immigration consultants can help you to apply for IELTS. You can avail the training material for the test from us online and prepare well for this assessment.

    Scoring well in the first attempt will be of a great benefit. It will not only strengthen your application but also get you the Australian PR faster.

  • Age factor:
  • The Australian government encourages applicants with adequate working life. This minimizes the load on the resources. As a youngster, you can contribute to the growth of the national economy, they want more young people.

    The aspiring skilled migrants need to be at the most 50 years of age. You need to submit the proper proof of your age along with your application.

    To become a permanent resident in an Australian territory, it is mandate to meet this requirement or you will be considered in eligible to apply.

    The authorities will accept your application as a skilled independent if you are 50 or less. There are different points for different age groups as well.

    So, your proper age is essential for immigration to Australia or to get the subclass 189 visa.

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How do you get a subclass 189 visa?

Let us now understand the procedure to apply for a visa under subclass 189: The allocation of these visas is point based. If you score the desired points through various factors such as:

  • Your age
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your work experience
  • Your occupation included in the skilled occupation list
  • Your language proficiency through IELTS score and some other factors

Your application for migration as a skilled independent would earn better weight.

Calculation of your points:

For your immigration as skilled workers, at present, you need a score of 65.

You can refer to the latest points calculator online or take help of our immigration agent to understand the criteria for your points.

In an ideal condition, you can get better points

  • If you are less than 50 years of age
  • Have at least a degree from a reputed university
  • In a valid occupation
  • Have adequate work experience
  • Good IETLS score
  • In a healthy condition
  • Bear a good moral character and can submit the police clearance certificate

Acquiring Health Certificate:

You need to undergo health checkups and get a certificate from the concerned council. All your family members also need to be in a healthy condition.

The family history bears an impact on your score. This is compulsory even if no family members are going to live in Australia.

When you are healthy, you can play a positive role in society and the workplace as well. The health issues cause loss of working days. The individuals may face obstacles in their growth due to health problems.

So, the authorities prefer healthy individuals for visa subclass 189. Guide for obtaining Australia PR visa through Skilled Independent Visa.

A good moral character:

For the skilled migration program, you need to submit a character certificate. The police department of the countries where you lived for the past ten years, issue this.

It implies that you are clean and have no criminal charges and convictions.

The authorities approve the visas to the candidates that don’t possess a criminal record. This ensures the law and order in the country. You need to get the police clearance at the time of your application.

Expression of interest (EOI):

This is an important formality in the process to get the invitation. You need to submit your EOI for permanent residence in Australia.

The issuing authorities carry out scrutiny of your application. They approve your application for migration based on the strong will to migrate.

Your EOI should be complete along with the supporting documents. The invitation relies on this procedure. You should make sure that you furnish all the desired information. This will speed up the process to get the invitation.

Getting the invitation to apply:

If you complete this step, your chances to get the visa would be brighter as an independent immigrant. You will get the invitation to apply depending upon your score in the assessments.

You must also cross-check all the credentials before you apply for the invitation. This saves your time as you can avoid rejections.

Note that the invitation is not final visa. You need to fulfill the after ITA formalities before you get your visa. In a case that you delay, in the after ITA formalities, your process time may increase.

Processing time for visa subclass 189:

The processing time for your permanent immigration to Australia depends on various factors. When you apply for Australian citizenship or PR visa as an independent, majorly the assessments takes time.

However, the exact process time can be estimated based on your support for a quick assessment. In order to reduce your processing time, make sure you submit all your documents on time.

Good news is the application process of migration to Australia is usually less than the processing time of visas that are required to study in Australia.

The general estimation for the permanent resident visa need 4 to 6 months to process. However, you need to wait until you get a positive response. Any queries by the authorities and crowd of applications may cause a delay as well.

Cost for visa subclass 189 in Australia:

The fees for a permanent resident visa in Australia as an independent would be AUD 3155. For any dependent family member above 18 years of age, the fees would be AUD 1875. Similarly, for a dependent child (under 18) they charge AUD 940.

Apparently, for your permanent immigration, you need to bear the passport charges. You need to arrange for the flight tickets and other miscellaneous expenses as well.

As an invitation is not the visa, there will be no charges applicable.The other costs include:

  • Fees for IELTS exam,
  • Any training you take,
  • Charges for Health Certificate, and
  • The fees for the good conduct certificate from the police department.

It would be a great decision to seek for help for processing an Australian visa as a skilled independent. As you migrate to Australia, you can expect too much paperwork.

Only an immigration consultant can help you process your application with much clarity and speed.

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