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Everything Worth Knowing About the Canadian PR


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Do you see a lot of your friends immigrating from India to Canada? With Canada’s new immigration policies, its labor market and its general reputation as a country which takes care of its people, a Canadian Permanent Residence visa has become one of the most wanted visas in the world.

Everything Worth Knowing About the Canadian PR

Canada is home to a large community of Indians. Perhaps, this is another reason why Indians rate Canada as their top immigration choice. In Canada, they find a home away from home.

They find the comfort and company of like-minded people, while also exploring the exciting new world that is open to them outside of India.

The Canadian Permanent Residence status or citizenship offers you so much that it appeals to almost everybody, be it a student, a person seeking employment or a person looking to settle his or her family there because of the political and economic stability that the country offers.

The Canadian residency is one of the most attractive ones there is.

Canada is also very welcoming of its immigrants and provides a safe environment for them to settle and grow in.

The country has a bunch of industries and is very supportive of immigrants coming in to fill in the gap in their labor market or start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

If you’ve been thinking of applying for a Canadian PR but don’t know where to start, let this blog be your guide to everything relevant to the Canadian PR process.

Apply for a Canadian PR

Key Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada

The Canadian Permanent Residence visa is a 5-year visa that is given out to deserving candidates who satisfy the requirements of the application.

The holder of the Canadian PR visa is entitled to many amazing benefits, ranging from healthcare to ease of traveling. Some of the most attractive features of a Canadian PR are as follows:

License to Work

Canada encourages both skilled and non-skilled workers to apply to jobs in Canada. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now include accountants, software engineers, business analysts, and IT experts.

People who are seeking employment can take up attractive job offers by Canadian employers, mutually benefitting both parties.

Canada also has an amazing social welfare program for its PR Visa holders, which helps unemployed or unskilled people learn something new and stand on their own two feet.

Healthcare System

Canada’s superior healthcare system, known as Medicare, has become its pride and identity.

Based on the premise that medical attention should be available to those who need it, regardless of whether they can pay for it, Medicare has been adopted as the national model of the healthcare system.

Today, Canada’s healthcare service is publicly funded and free for all, and is often referred to as a ‘utopian dream.’ It remains one of the major reasons why Canada is the top priority for a lot of Indian, and otherwise, immigrants.

Unemployment Benefits

Canada has unemployment benefits for its PR holders, which takes the stress of unemployment away while you look for better opportunities.

The Canadian government offers unemployment benefits and pensions for retired people.

In case you have children under 18 and do not have enough income to support them, the Canadian government provides a monthly fee to ease the financial burden of the family.

Free Education

The children of a Canadian PR holder are eligible for free education till 18 years of age. Canada offers free education up to university level for your children.

The quality of the public education sector is exceptional and exemplary. Canada even offers a few scholarships for university admissions and allows students to work and earn while they study.

There are a few things that you won’t be eligible for despite having a Permanent Resident status, such as voting rights and the permission to participate in the country’s politics. However, the benefits far outweigh these disadvantages.

Apart from these, there are several other things that make the Canadian PR visa one of the most sought-after visas in the world with countless people applying for Canadian immigration every year.

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Get the Right Support for Your PR Process

Immigration sounds like a daunting task. Applying for PR through the competitive pool of the millions of candidates applying for the Canadian PR can be as tough as you’re picturing it.

Perhaps, you’ve heard of the number of people who fail in their first few attempts to secure a Canadian PR visa.

This could either be because your CRS score wasn’t too impressive, or your profile otherwise was weak and unconvincing.

What can you do? Actually, plenty.

Even while sitting in India, people have managed to bag a PR card. But it is true that it is not a piece of cake and many people can’t make it alone, without appropriate support and guidance.

Make no mistake; a lot of people give up after being rejected. However, rejection is not the end of the world. You can try again and learn from your mistakes.

You can clear the screening; all you need is a little help from the right kind of people. And who better to look to than Kansas Overseas Consultants?

Equipped with years of experience and knowledge about the Canadian immigration and permanent residency process, the team of consultants at Kansas Overseas is the best at what they do.

From the initial free consultation to assistance in the legal formalities immigrants have to go through on arrival in Canada, the consultants are there with you every step of the way.

Be careful of scammers, though. There are plenty of unregulated consultants who are not recognized by ICCRC. Hiring them can wreck your entire application if it’s discovered that the consultant you used is not recognized and regulated.

Kansas Overseas is regulated through the ICCRC, which you can check through the official website for Canadian immigration.

Apply for a Canadian PR – Step by Step

Let’s break down the process into understandable bits. What do you have to do?

Language Proficiency Tests

Prepare for your IELTS and sit for the test. This is one of the most crucial aspects of the application process and carries great weight when you apply for PR.

Make sure you prepare well; take practice tests beforehand, or seek guidance from language centers if your language skills are weak.

If you have a spouse who’ll be accompanying you, make them appear for the test, too. The processing fee for IELTS is approximately INR 13,500.

Once you get your test results back, you can proceed with the application.


It might be a while before your IELTS scores come out. Meanwhile, start getting your other documents in order. Get your educational documents verified by the WES (World Education Services).

If you’ve completed your college and other degrees from non-Canadian institutions, you need to get them verified to be recognized by the Canadian government.

The ECA is a certification that proves that your educational qualifications are equivalent to the Canadian standards and also verifies that you have the skills and capabilities in the line of work you’re selecting in the Express Entry Program.

Apply through Express Entry

Once you have your proficiency test results and ECA in place, you apply for the Express Entry Program online.

The Express Entry program is specially designed for skilled workers and deserving candidates to get through the process more quickly, compared to the traditional way.

Thus, the process is quick if you have arranged your documents beforehand. The entire process is seamless; fill out the application form asking for your personal and professional details, and upload the documents you’ve prepared.

Apply For Express Entry

CRS Score

First, calculate your CRS score informally by carefully inputting correct details on the calculator. You can calculate your CRS score on Kansas CRS calculator as well.

If your score is too low to get through the pool of applicants, halt the process and work to improve your score first.

Consultants can come in very handy here, as they know the tips and tricks to quickly and easily better your scores. The higher your score, the higher your chances of getting Invitation To Apply(ITA).

Once you’ve made your profile, you will get a CRS score, calculated by the Canadian government.

If you don’t score well, work to enhance your CRS score by learning some French, applying for a Provincial Nomination or by going back to school for an additional degree or diploma.

Consult with your consultants about the weaknesses in your application and fill in the gaps.

Express Entry Draw

Once you’ve submitted your application, all you can do is wait. The Express Entry draws the profiles which have the highest CRS scores and the strongest applications from the pool of applicants.

They are held every 2 weeks or so, so you won’t have to wait for too long to be informed of your application status.

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Invitation to Apply (ITA) is a formal notice by the IRCC, extended to the selected applicants who clear the Express Entry draw.

Once you’ve been forwarded an ITA, you only have a limited number of days, (60, to be exact) to complete your PR application, submit additional documents, and move to Canada with your PR card in hand.

Apply For Express Entry

Documentation for Canadian PR

Proof of Funds

If you don’t have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, then you need to show that you have the funds to sustain not only yourself but also your dependants for a period of at least 3 months.

This also shows that you won’t be dependent on the government to support you. Bank statements and other documents from financial institutions will suffice.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA):

Chances are that you got your schooling done from your country of origin. As such, these institutions are not recognized by Canada.

In cases where your degree is not from a recognized Canadian institution, you will need an ECA to help prove how valid your educational qualifications are.

Assessment of Skills:

The IRCC will assess you on relevant skills to determine if you have the capability to perform in the field of work you’ve chosen through the Express Entry program.

Proof of English Proficiency:

The IELTS score you attain is one of the major contributors to your PR score and is a necessity.

You need to prove that you hold the capacity and the capability to interact in the language that dominates Canada.

Make sure your score is updated and is no more than 2 years old before the completion of the verification process.

Proof of Identity

This will include your valid passport, birth certificate, recent photographs, etc.

Health and Character Clearance Certificate

You need to get a Police Clearance Certificate from the local police at a nominal fee, verifying that you’re a law-abiding, responsible citizen.

You will also have to get medical tests done to ensure that you don’t carry any contagious and dangerous diseases and that you are fit to travel.

Calculate Your CRS Score

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns certain scores based on the information the applicant provides.

The information that the applicant enters when making his online application and the documents he supplies carry a score that all add up to form your overall, cumulative CRS score.

Candidates are rated on their skills and experiences, spouse’s language and skills, and the transferability of their skills.

The four general areas of their rankings are:

  • Core/Human Factors
  • Spouse/Partner-related Factors
  • Skills Transferability
  • Additional Points

Every applicant is rated out of a maximum of 1200 points, and the highest-scoring applicants receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA), after which the full application and other required documents are submitted. Let’s look at the CRS in a little more detail.

Know Your CRS Score

There are several factors within each category that the CRS rates you on and the accumulation of which determines your final CRS score. Some of these factors are:


Different age groups are assigned different scores, the highest score being 110, assigned to people that fall within the age bracket of 20-29.

Language proficiency

Take your IELTS seriously; they have a huge impact on your CRS scores and can earn you up to 6 points for a job well done.


Your educational qualifications hold great significance when calculating your score, too. The higher your qualification, the better you score, with 150 points awarded to Ph.D. holders.

Work Experience

Naturally, the greater the number of relevant work years, the greater your worth in the CRS system. Experience of 1 year gets you 40 points, which doubles by the time you have 5 years worth of work experience under your belt.

Spouse’s Abilities and Skills

If you have a spouse that is part of your application process, their work experience, education levels, and language skills can earn you the valuable points you need for your application.

These are just some of the factors that are allotted points under the CRS. You can earn bonus points if you have a direct sibling sponsoring you, if you have a provincial nomination, or if you have a level of proficiency in the French language.

Sponsorship of Relatives

If you have any relative that can sponsor you, it will make your chances of securing a Canadian PR easier. If you’re successful in your attempt, you could sponsor relatives to come to Canada, too.

Any person who has a Canadian PR may sponsor one direct living relative, related by blood or adoption, of any age.

  1. Direct relatives include:
    • Spouse
    • Common-law partner
    • Conjugal partner
    • Son or daughter
    • Parent
    • Grandparent
    • Orphaned brother or sister
    • Orphaned nephew or niece
    • Orphaned grandchild

If you don’t have a direct relative to sponsor, you can sponsor an indirect relative, such as an aunt or uncle, who is related to you by blood.

If the relative you want to sponsor has a spouse, partner, or dependent children who will be a part of the immigration, you must include them on the same sponsorship application.

A brother or sister sponsoring you has bonus points in your CRS score and could strengthen your profile.

Hiring expert immigration consultants can make or break your application. Therefore, it is not to be taken lightly.

The right consultant will assist you in perfecting your application, help you with improving your CRS scores, ransack your documents to see if everything is in order, and prepare you for any interviews.

If you’re unsure about who the best consultants for Canadian PR application in India are, give Kansas Overseas Careers a try. Book a free consultation through the website with the expert consultants at Kansas, and you can decide your way forward.