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Important Facts & Features of Canada Immigration Program

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

You may know Canada as a nation of opportunities and a place of spectacular beauty. But, let us tell you Canada is just more than that.

One of the most popular nations of North America, Canada, is considered as the Immigrant’s Capital city. This is not only because of its immigrant-friendly nature but also because of its immigration system.

7 facts of canada immigration program

It is today’s first country to be declared as having the World’s Fairest Immigration System and the first one worldwide to initiate a Points Based Immigration System.

While Canada had always been an option for prospective immigrants, today it is being considered over United States by many skilled professionals and families.

Why Canada’s immigration system became so popular?

Until 2015, Canada was just like any other country who welcomed immigrants but did not issue the entry permit fast.

Candidates either had to wait for long years to get their visa or end their hopes of getting their Canadian visa if they wish the submission period.

The country followed a quota-based visa application scheme, where candidates were accepted for Canadian immigration based on how quick they submit their application.

Later Citizenship and Immigration, Canada (CIC) introduced the Canada Express Entry system which won hearts in no time, primarily because of its features.

Features of Canadian Immigration System 2020

  • Fair selection based on skills and points
  • Selection is done through Draws
  • Relevant points can get visa within days
  • Online application, no hurdles of paper-bound submission
  • No job offer or LMIA is required to apply for the visa
  • Married applicants can include spouse and children (on same visa)
  • Process generally takes between 6-12 months
  • Visa fees is applicable only if you receive invitation to apply
  • Candidates can receive visa directly or through provincial/employer sponsorship

Just like these unique features, Canada’s Immigration System has amazing facts that you’ll love to know. But before we help you explore the facts, let us brief you with some of the most asked questions about Canada immigration

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What are the benefits of immigrating to Canada?

Benefits of migrating are limitless, and for lifetime. For now, here is a list of major benefits you can enjoy in Canada on permanent residency:

  • Live and work in any part of Canada (except Quebec)
  • Migrate as an individual or as family
  • Work for any company (full-time) and switch between jobs/companies if you wish to
  • Spouse can work full-time anywhere
  • Get access to Canada’s social benefit schemes
  • Claim free education (for kids under 18) as permanent resident
  • Enjoy free healthcare (subsidized) for entire family
  • In case of losing job (for valid reasons), apply for unemployment benefits
  • Gain Canadian citizenship in just 3 years (through citizenship test)

Wondering why “except Quebec”? Quebec is a separately managed entity. To live and work in this province, you are required to apply for a PR under Quebec’s own rules. Generally, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the best option.

What are the key requirements of Canada immigration?

Though Canada welcomes nationals from every corner of the world, it is selective in issuing PR visas. As the prime purpose for immigration boost in Canada is economic growth, the country issues these visas to candidates who meet certain standards.

  • You must be a skilled professional under the age of 44
  • You must be a Graduate (any stream from a recognized University)
  • You must have at least 1 year of work experience (in occupation listed under Canada’s NOC)
  • You must have good command over the English language
  • You must be sound in health and free of any criminal record
  • You must be financially stable to manage your (and your family’s) stay in Canada
  • You must be able to score the required points (67 points) for Canada PR visa

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Can you migrate to Canada without work experience?

Work experience is a crucial factor for Canada immigration. It is very difficult for Canadian immigration authorities to judge the professional capability of a candidate without assessing his work experience.

Hence, work experience is mandatory. The ease Canada offers here is your work experience of both part-time and full-time that reaches upto 1-2 years can be shown. For certain visa options, the experience can be less.

What are your options for Canadian immigration?

Canada’s immigration programs are also well-known for their range. Every program has its own significance and criteria to apply. Here’s the list of PR visa options open for application in 2020:

Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program: You can apply for FSW program if you are a skilled professional with sufficient experience to work in Canadian labour market.

Federal Skilled Trades Visa Program: You can apply for this program if you are a tradesmen, having experience in a specific trade along with a certificate.

Canadian Experience Class Program: You can apply for this program only if you have any work experience in Canada. This program can be applied by temporary resident visa holders of Canada also.

Provincial Nominee Programs: You can apply under PNP program as an alternative to get PR visa fast.

This is done when a specific province nominates you for PR visa based on your skills. To receive this nomination, you must have skills that are most needed by the specific province.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: You can apply for this visa program if you have a valid job offer from Atlantic provinces of Canada.

This visa can be applied by candidates even with less work experience and low English language skills.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program: You can apply for this program if you are particularly intending to live in the Quebec province of Canada.

As this province follows its own rules and regulations, you must apply for a separate program to reside in Quebec. The process is now points based and very similar to the Express Entry.

Which Canadian immigration program is best for you?

Knowing that there is a range of immigration programs of Canada, you may for once think which program to choose. The best way is to analyse your profile and understand which program suits your profile best.

Immigration consultants of Canada immigration are best to help you assess your profile and suggest you the best visa option accordingly.

As Canada immigration consultants in India are fully aware of the immigration policies and well-trained to serve visa process service according to profiles, seeking assistance from immigration consultants will help you choose your option rightly.

What are the unique facts about Canada immigration system?

  1. No visa fees will be charged till you receive Invitation to Apply
  2. Unlimited applications are allowed
  3. Applicants with spouse get more points
  4. Draws are conducted fortnightly
  5. You can connect to Canadian employers through the application Pool

These factors are making immigration easier and more beneficial for applicants who want to migrate to Canada from India fast. However, it is important that you must start the application fast to avoid any kind of hindrances that may arise due to unpredicted rule changes.

How can you start your Canadian immigration process?

Canadian immigration is a complete online process and follows a comprehensive step-by-by procedure. To start your Canada immigration process through any immigration program, you have to do the following:

  • Consult an immigration consultant for guidance
  • Assess your profile and check your eligibility (based on the visa program you choose)
  • Gather documents that may be required for the visa process
  • Attempt IELTS to prove your English language proficiency
  • Obtain a medical certificate (for yourself and family) and police clearance certificate in your home country
  • Arrange funds to show as a proof of funds

Can you apply for Canada immigration on your own?

While there is no harm in applying for Canada immigration on your own, the process may get risky and lead to rejection even if there is any slight error in the application. That is why seeking assistance of immigration experts or visa agents is important.

Kansas Overseas Careers is an immigration consultant with most qualified and trusted visa agents at your assistance. Our team initially checks your profile and helps you with the right visa selection.

Followed by it, we conduct an evaluation that determines your eligibility. Only if you are eligible, we suggest you to proceed with the visa process, job search process and our after-landing assistance.

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