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Types of Family Visas of Australia

In the past few years, the rate of immigration has increased. Previously, only the skilled workers would migrate in search of better job opportunities and better standards of living.

However, now, immigrants wish to take their family members along with them as they work or move abroad for higher education.

Types of Family Visas of Australia

Keeping that in mind, countries like Australia have introduced immigration policies that enable immigrants to take their spouses and dependent child/children to live with them.

Since then family immigration to Australia has become a very popular concept. The Australian department of immigration has now introduced family visas to help families unite in Australia.

With this visa, immigrants can now live in Australia without worrying about their families who they leave behind in native countries. The family visa makes partners, parents, children and other relatives eligible to migrate to Australia.

However, there are certain conditions for the application of these visas. It is usually the Australian citizens or permanent residents who sponsor these visas. This visa also makes the immigrants eligible to become citizens of New Zealand.

If you are planning to apply to the family visa program, it will help family reunification in Australia.

With this visa, your entire family can not only migrate to Australia, but also enjoy the benefits of being a permanent resident.

Having said that, you can also choose to migrate to Australia with a full-time employment and take your family along with you at the same time. In this case, there are separate set of visas which you would need.

Can an Australian citizen sponsor a family?

If you are a permanent resident of Australia, then the good news is that now you can bring your family close to you. No! You don’t have to ask someone else from your native country to help you for the procedure.

As a resident of Australia, you can now apply for family visa. All you need is to qualify in the eligibility criteria as set by the country. Once that is done, even your family can now be granted the status of a permanent resident.

The good news is that, under this scheme, even the permanent residents of New Zealand can now apply for family visa for their partners, parents and children.

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How do you immigrate to Australia with family?

When it comes to becoming permanent resident of Australia, immigrating with families seem to be a little difficult. However, it is not only a big decision, but also involves a lot of risk and preparation.

You have to be financially capable of supporting your family in a foreign land. It might be even difficult if you migrate to study in Australia. However, there’s no greater happiness than having your family around and it’s totally worthy.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia with your family from India, check out the different types of visas and choose the one that is best suited for you.

  • Partner visa: Moving to Australia with your partner can be challenging. If you plan to apply for Australian permanent residency for your partner, fiancé or spouse, the most important thing is to abide by the eligibility criteria.
    In this case, you should already be a permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand. There are different types of partner visas. Mostly, the procedures are different.
    However, since this can be a little tricky, try taking the assurance of support. This will not only make the process hassle-free, but also make sure the process is accurate.
  • Parent visa: Did you move to Australia under the skilled migration program? Have you moved to Australia and left your aging parents behind? Then now is the time to reunite. The Australian immigration department has introduced parent visas.
    If you have an Australian permanent resident visa,or have been a citizen of the country for at least 2 years, you can apply for parent visa.
  • Child visa: Leaving children back at your native country while you work at Australia can be difficult. This visa includes both child and adoption visa. If you have children below the age of 18 years, you can apply for this visa.
    You can also apply for this visa for children aged above 18 years if they are physically challenged or dependent upon parents. If you are immigrating to Australia with such children under the PR visa, then you don’t have to apply for an additional child visa.
  • Relative visa: The Australian immigration process now even lets you invite a relative to become a permanent resident of Australia. However, you are eligible to apply for this visa only if the relative is above 18 years of age and totally dependent upon you on financial grounds.
    Applying for this visa, might seem a little tricky. It is advised that before you apply for this visa; seek immigration advice from expert consultants. This will help you apply for this visa in a hassle-free manner and accurately.

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What is a family sponsored visa in Australia?

While Australia immigration department aims to unite families, there are many clauses and eligibility criteria that you need to meet for permanent residence.

The first and most important criteria is that you must have stayed in the country for a certain period as a skilled worker or you study in Australia.

Only a permanent resident of Australia can be a part of the sponsorship program for the family visa.

The requirements for the sponsorshipinclude:

  • If you are the sponsor, you have to provide evidence that you are capable of supporting the applicant.
  • If you are sponsoring under the Relatives visa category, then you must live in Australia as its citizen or should be a resident of New Zealand and must be above 18 years of age.
  • For the permanent visa applicants, the sponsor has to support them financially and provide at least 2 years of accommodation facility.
  • If you are a permanent resident of New Zealand, you must also qualify in the health and character test.

Do you want to apply for a family sponsored visa, or sponsor a family member to Australia?

Permanent residents of Australia, living is specific regions can provide family sponsorship for a skilled visa. If you are applying for a visa through a relative, the good news is that, the sponsorship adds 10 points to your application.

This can help you get the points needed to qualify for the application or boost your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for Australia permanent residency.

We have mentioned that permanent residents of ‘specific regional areas’ are eligible to apply for the family sponsorship.

These specific regions include entire Australia except metro areas of New South Wales, which includes Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong and Queensland, which includes Brisbane.

If the sponsor stays in any other region, they have to undergo separate application process for permanent residency.

As a resident of Australia,you can also help a relative or unite with your family. If you are employed in a high-demand occupation under the Australian labor market, applying for the family visa becomes easier.

The Australian immigration policies give out the message that migrating to a foreign land like Australia doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay away from your family.

Once the work requirements are met, a provisional visa provides a direct way to permanent residency.

What are the requirements for spouse visa in Australia?

If you have undergone the Australian immigration process and are now a permanent resident of the country, then the good news is that you are eligible to apply for a family visa.

With an aim to reunite immigrants with their families, the minister of immigration along with the entire department, have introduced family visas that help the migrants bring their families close to them.

One of the major categories under the family visa is the spouse visa.
This includes your husband/wife, de facto partner (partner of same sex) or fiancé.

To be able to apply for this category of this visa, you would be eligible only if both the partners are more than 18 years of age.

The applicant must be an Australia permanent resident visa holder or a citizen of New Zealand. To ensure financial security, the applicant must be sponsored for at least 2 years.

The current fee for the Australian partner visa is $6,865 AUD which is approximately Rs 3,35,438. The cost remains the same both when you apply within Australia and overseas.

It covers the cost of the temporary visa, followed by the permanent one.

Amendments in the Australian Family visa

With the number of immigrants increasing every year, the Australian department of immigration has started a new process for visa effective from July 1, 2018. The changes are mainly directed towards certain non-internet based visa applications.

It states that the non-internet based sponsored family stream applications need to send their applications by post or courier. These applications are mostly sent to Brisbane or Sydney depending upon the residential addresses of the sponsors.

Such visas are granted for a period of three years. The visa holders can stay for up to 12 months in one stay. Sometimes, they might even have to stay outside of Australia before they can enter the country.

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