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Family Immigration to Canada- How’s It Going to Help Your Next Generation

Canada is a great country that has always favored immigrants and has helped them work through various policies. Canada immigration has always stepped up to make Canada immigrants feel at home.

The country has a diverse nature of opportunities for immigrants to succeed.

Family Immigration to Canada

There are thousands of people who plan for migration to Canada, and a large category of these people are families.

Many individuals choose Canada for their own career growth, however, beyond career growth there are many things that Canada is well known for.

Families choose Canada for the quality of education and the standard of living Canada has to offer. Many ways were offered by the Canadian immigration to migrant families such as free education.

In fact, with us many families have made their way successfully to Canada to settle with a Canada PR visa.

They have all testified that education is definitely a factor that they would recommend to their relatives, families, and friends.

In a report produced by Garnet Picot, an expert in the economic integration of immigrants, there are many interesting findings regarding dependent immigrant children.

In the report, it is quoted that - Success to be preserved, we learned a fact that children of immigrants in Canada enjoy significant educational and economic success.

Among many countries abroad, Canada enjoys this unique achievement. Despite this, immigration has also generated an enormously positive impact on the citizens of Canada.

The report also has findings that say that countries like Europe and the United States which have a high immigration rate don’t enjoy these successes.

Canada stands to be the most favored country by immigrants all over the world because of these reasons below.

  • You can migrate with your entire family to Canada
  • Canada offers free education and Medicals
  • Canada allows dual citizenship
  • The Canadian government provides various welfare benefits
  • It is also known to top the list for being the best places to live in

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Your Child’s Education

For every parent that seeks to migrate to Canada or any other country, the main factor in their children’s education.

Every couple cares about their child’s education since their migration to Canada is solely for the overall development of their children.

As an immigrant living in Canada, you will not have any trouble while you search for daycare, elementary school or college for your child.

Canada has a wide range of schools spread across the country. Canada offers free education to permanent residents.

The quality of education has also shown that in the international assessments, these students score the top ranks.

There are many private schools that charge a nominal tuition fee that is comparatively lesser than many private schools across the United States.

These schools are trademarks for having a great standard of education and the scope they build for the children. Whether it’s a private or public school, the Canadian government favors English and French.

A Great Combination

For many Canadian employers, employability has a lot do to with adaptability. Once your child grows in Canada, studies in Canada, then it won’t be that hard for them to secure a good job in Canada.

As the Canadian birth rate is quite low, they depend on immigrants. Many companies in Canada predict that potential jobs would only be filled either by immigrant children or immigrants.

Canada permanent citizens have great treasures such as the adaptability, Canadian education and they also grow up learning various policies.

Canadian employers often look for permanent residents while recruiting employees. If your family migrates to Canada, then your child will have the future that you want them to have.

Prompt Citizenship

Many families dream to be Canadian Citizens, however, that journey isn’t that easy if you’re not a Canadian permanent resident.

Once you migrate to Canada after you apply for your Canada pr visa, then all you need to do is stay in Canada for 3 years. After 3 years of stay, you can choose to become a Canadian citizen.

Once you gain Canada citizenship, then you can run your own business, own a house, sponsor relatives, vote and travel to a number of countries with a Canada passport.

Not only will this citizenship help you, but it will also be a blessing to the generations that will come after you.

How do you proceed to immigrate to Canada as a family?

Canada has to be one of the best countries to migrate to as a family as it has the most liberal policies and practices. This is one of the biggest reasons why families choose to migrate to Canada.

Canada offers exceptional international grade job opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle.

Migrating with Your Spouse

According to the immigration policy laid down by the Canadians, anyone you’ve been living with for a year could be considered your spouse.

You don’t need to apply using a separate application for your spouse.

The immigration will assume that you’d want to migrate to Canada for a Canadian pr with your spouse unless and until you specify that you’re a bachelor.

Canada immigration has always had a tendency to give more preference to couples who’re migrating when compared to single immigrants.

Migrating with Children

Canada government has an interesting policy. Any dependent below 22 years of age who doesn’t have any spouse will be eligible for all the benefits due to a child.

They also have policies that say if the child is above 22 years of age but suffers any mental disability or physical disability that keeps them from being independent financially, they can also be included in the application as a principal applicant.

Migrating with Grandparents

Canadian immigration doesn’t have any policies for including grandparents or parents in the original immigration application.

However, you can migrate grandparents to Canada by sponsoring them once you’ve settled in Canada.

There are various considerations that are to be taken into account if you want to sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada.These are the following conditions:

You must provide them with financial aid if they will retire in 3 to 10 years.

Your parents must make efforts to support themselves There are restrictions for you to not be eligible to sponsor a parent or grandparent. They are

  • You did not abide by the financial support conditions to sponsorship in the past
  • You have defaulted on a support order like a child support order
  • You have received financial support from the government of Canada
  • You have been convicted of a violent offense or have sexually abused someone
  • You are in prison
  • You are bankrupt
  • You have made late payments or have defaulted on an immigration loan.

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Who can be sponsored under the family sponsorship program?

Canada is a wonderful country that allows citizens to be able to sponsor someone. Sponsoring someone would mean that they would come to Canada with the support of their Sponsor and live a life.

They would be offered various benefits and great advantages. They would also be able to enjoy the privileges of a Canadian permanent resident.

As a citizen of Canada, you can sponsor the following

  • Spouse, common-law or conjugal partner
  • Dependent child
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Sibling, nephew, or niece

You can also sponsor a grandchild under 18 years who is unmarried and whose parents are deceased

Can parents stay permanently in Canada?

Many individuals who migrate to Canada and reside as citizens often prefer to bring their parents to Canada. Citizens can sponsor their parents for a permanent resident visa.

If you’re a permanent resident and you want to bring your mother to Canada, then you can opt for the Super Visa which allows your mother to stay in Canada for up to 2 years per visit. The visa is valid for up to 10 years.

Canada is a beautiful country that has wonderful policies for both citizens and immigrants. Canada has a diverse multicultural population that respects and helps one another out.

If you migrate to Canada, then you can give your family the life they need.

From healthcare that is affordable to free education for your children to excel in life, you can have it all. For your family to migrate to Canada, you need to meet many requirements.

For fulfilling these requirements, we have a team with high expertise and knowledge. You can now migrate to Canada with your family by choosing to migrate to Canada with the assistance of Kansas Overseas Careers.

We will help you process your and your family’s visa applications without any hassle. Right from the eligibility check till you get your visa, everything is taken care by our experts.

With more and more opportunities increasing in Canada, and our range of services for your smooth immigration, there’s certainly no chance you delay your decision.

Be it for work, stay or study, Canada is welcoming generations towards happiness and success. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for PR and migrate with family right away!

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