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The Immigration Guide - Requirements For Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Australia is the land of opportunities, especially for the skilled independent individuals. Various businesses in Australia across enormous sectors are looking for a skilled professional from various countries.

If you meet the requirements of Australia immigration, you can take the opportunity confidently.

Worried that you don’t have an Australian job? Or you do not have sponsorship from any state, or a family member? In this case, Australia subclass-189 is a popular form of visa application.

The Immigration Guide - Requirements For Australia

What is a subclass 189 visa?

You can migrate to Australia as a skilled independent on a subclass visa. This program will help you get the visa based on several factors like:

  • Your skills
  • Educational qualifications
  • Language fluency and
  • Work expertise in the occupation you are in.

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In reading, this may seem a crucial aspect. But in practical, it is an ideal way to become a permanent resident of Australia.

To help you understand in detail, let us discuss requirements to immigrate to australia.

  • Only skilled workers can apply for this Australian visa.
  • A graduate degree from a recognized University is must.
  • Experience of at least 3 years is an occupation related to your study is required.
  • A score of 65 points is also the important aspect of Australian PR eligibility criteria.

How do you get a subclass 189 visa? To move to Australia on this skilled independent visa to Australia, you need to pass through the following process.

  • Check Your Occupation on Medium & Long Term Strategic Skill List:

To migrate to Australia as a skilled independent; you need to choose aoccupation from the Skilled Occupation List. This list features all the occupations that are high in demand in Australia.

What if the skilled occupation you opt for is not included in the Skilled Occupation List?

 In such a case, you can choose an occupation that is quite closely related to your work. Besides, Skilled Occupation List you also have consolidated Skilled Occupation List, which features occupations by demand of states.

Choosing this opens a way for state sponsorships and strengthens your visa application for Australia PR.

  • Acquiring an Invitation to Apply:

This is again an important aspect for your Australian immigration. SkillSelect is the latest online application system of the Australian government.

This system enables you to apply for the visas under the skilled migration scheme. You need to send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian government.

After the Australian government approves your application, you get an Invitation to Apply for general skilled migration. This is in fact the first step to you can also apply for australian citizenship through SkillSelect.

In several cases, the Australian employers and recruiters also review your application. If they are looking for similar skill sets, the can nominate you for the Invitation. Similarly, The Australian states scrutinize your EOI.

If they consider your suitability to their economy, they will deem you eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa under subclass – 190.

Upon receiving their sponsorship, you can get your Invitation to Apply in the form of Australian state sponsorship.

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What are the minimum points required for Australia's skilled independent visa subclass 189?

The Australian government encourages skilled migration for the highly skilled expatriates. The government expects the visa holders to develop the Australian economy.

The authorities approve the visas to expatriates who are capable to stay in the country for the long term.

The government sets the requirements not only to people who study in australia but also for outsiders. However,  to apply for the skilled independent visa, being highly skilled is mandatory.

When you apply for a skilled independent visa, to live in australia; you must meet the minimum point eligibility criteria. You need a minimum score of 65 to qualify for permanent residence visa under subclass 189.

The points are calculated based on:

  • Age: While applying for a permanent visa,your age should not exceed 45 years. This is among the requirements that help you to increase your points.
  • Proficiency in English: You need to clear the IELTS with a good score for your migration into the Australian. This is important to prove your communication abilities in society and the workplaces as well.

This assessment test examines your skill in four different modules. You need to score at least 6 in reading, writing, listening and speaking modules of this test. Your best score adds weight to your application.

If you score more than 6, you can get extra points. This will help you to speed up your attempts for immigration to australia. As one of the requirements, your application needs to include your fabulous score in IELTS.

  • Assessment of skills: The visa issuing authorities scrutinize your duration of work experience. Similarly, they also assess your educational qualification connected to the skills. These factors derive your score.
  • You need to get a good score based on your work experience in the concerned occupation. You get the visas on the basis of this score as well. This is an important aspect to ensure your migration to Australia.

  • The requirement of adequate work experience: A work experienceof at least 3 years is among the requirements of a skilled independent visa. You can apply for migration to Australia only if you meet this requirement.
  • Besides, your expertise in the occupation is important to attain a residency visa. The Skilled Assessment body will determine your skilled employment capability and give you a thumbs up for a smooth migration to Australia.

  • Educational qualifications: The authorities prefer well-qualified candidates for permanent residency in Australia. To apply for a skilled independent visa, you need to be at least a graduate in an accepted stream.
  • Also, your qualification improves your career growth prospects.Only  immigration consultants will be the best source for you to gain more details on the Australian study requirement.

    While these requirements fetch you points, there are several non-points factors that you have to take into consideration in order to meet the Australian immigration requirement.

  • Better health: If you are planning to live in australia permanently, you need to be healthy. The concerned authority conduct Health Examination after you meet the basic requirements and initiate your process.
  • This test is generally carried out with all family members. Whether your family members are accompanying your immigration or not, they need to clear these test unders specific parameters.

  • Good moral character: You need to furnish the character certificate from the Police Department. This proves that you don’t have any criminal background after you turned 16.
  • You need to submit the good conduct certificate for the last 10 years. This includes every country you reside during this period. The certificate ensures that you bear a good moral character.

    A person with a criminal record is not allowed to enter Australia. So, there are stringent norms about the character certificate.

    As the federal government reviews the certifications before issuing your visas, you have to be very careful in obtaining this certificate. Take help of an immigration consultant.

  • Clearance of all debts: At the time of application, you need to clear all your debts. At least you need to arrange to clear the debts when you apply for migration to Australia.
  • You need to have a clear financial record to live in australia. Any debts in any aspect with the government can reduce your chances for the PR success.

  • No cancelled history of visas: In many cases, you will be eligible to immigrate to Australia only if you do not have any record or history of Australia rejecting any of your visa application. Talk to an immigration agent to understand this criteria in detail.

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What is the PR processing time for skilled independent visa subclass 189?

Once you submit your Expression of Interest, it would be valid for two years. There are many factors that influence the processing time.

Some of the important factors that determine the processing time:

  • Applications from a huge number of skilled immigrants may delay the process. The crowd of the applicants at the same time may delay the scrutiny of yourapplication.
  • Make sure that your application is simple and easy to understand. Again, it needs to be complete in all respects. This can speed up the processing.
  • While submitting your application, verify the supporting documents with the checklist. This minimizes the delay due to missing documents and other factors.
  • The visas also depend upon the actual vacancies and the demand for the skill set. If your occupation and skill set is high on demand, you can get the visas faster.
  • There can be some queries on the application from the issuing authorities. This can increase the span required for your migration.
  • The procedure related to the spouse and dependent childrentravelling along with you.

On an average, it takes generally 8 to 10 months to issue the skilled independent visa subclass 189. As the Department of Immigration & Border Protection governs this process, the exact time cannot be estimated.

Cost for the skilled independent visa subclass 189:

The charges for skilled independent visa and the family members may vary from time to time. You must pay the fees along with your visa application.

You can make the payment through an online gateway using your credit card or debit card.

The fees for visa subclass 189 are:

  • For the primary applicant - At present AUD 3775
  • For dependent applicant (who is legally major) - At present AUD 1875
  • For the minor dependent applicant - At present AUD 940.

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In the case of the provisional visa, whereby you are sponsored by the territory government, you may have to pay a state sponsorship fee.

To get thorough details on this aspect, consultant our immigration agent right away.