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Get a Permanent Residence in Australia - The Fast & Easy Way

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Australian countries are a great place to live and work. According to several types of research carried out, it is evident that most of the people who come to Australia for numerous reason, stay back for a lifetime and then continue to live and work in this country as Australia permanent resident.

If at all you too want to reside and work in Australia, then, the best way is to get a permanent residence status in Australia.

How can i get the australia permanent resident visa fast and easy

The good news is you can apply or the same from anywhere around the whole world. The process of applying for a permanent residency in Australia is very easy and robust.

It is a whole electronic system, and the complete process is simple as compared to many other countries.

What is Australia Permanent Residency?

The Australian Permanent Residency Visa is one of the types of visa that lets you stay in Australian country for a considerable amount of time depending upon your migration reasons.

The visa is given to several foreign individuals to migrate to Australia PR to stay for some time as well as work.

If anyone wants to go for higher studies in Australia and want to avail permanent residency, then he/she can also apply for a permanent residency.

It is given to any of the non-citizen who wants to work, study and live in Australia and at the same time, he also wants to enjoy all the benefits that any citizen of any Australian country enjoys.

Although there are a lot of differences between just being a permanent residency in Australia than having citizenship of Australia, these differences come into picture when the individuals travel or vote.

Every step of the process of getting Australia permanent residency is done online. With the help of migration and visa agent’s end to end assistance,  your  can get this permanent residency easily.

You must provide all the required information over the internet. From getting to know whether you are selected or not; everything happens online.

Through the online portal, you can also follow up with different officials regarding the status of your application. This is of great help and increases the reliability to some of the greater extents.

The immigration is permitted based on the merit list, and mainly the points decide who is going to be selected. To have a higher chance of getting selected, you need to secure higher grades in the assessment.

The assessment is based on the certain eligibility criteria including the age, educational qualifications, business skills, competency over the English language.

Two merit streams make out for the assessment process. They are as follows:

  1. Skilled Migration.
  2. Business Migration.

Apart from these two, there are some more types of migration. They are:

  1. Family Migration.
  2. Distinguished Talent.
  3. Employer nominated scheme.
  4. Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS).
  5. Humanitarian Streams.

The process of getting an Australian citizen PR takes a considerable amount of time, and it also necessitates several different documentation and submissions in several departments.

You need to fill in many forms and then submit the same within a particular deadlines. You also need to prove your eligibility conditions.

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How do you become a permanent resident through skilled migration?

Skilled Visas are aimed to reduce the shortage of skilled workforce. This highly increases the business capability, and it also encourages the entrepreneurial prospects of the nation.

  The skilled workforce can get several different visas like Temporary skills shortage visa (TSS) and permanent skilled visa.

Before applying for any particular visa, you must go through the guidelines and also consult which option is the best for you and your work. This process can take up to several months to complete while the verification process only takes few days to be done.

What is the Australian PR visa categories which Indian citizens can choose?

Application for Australia PR Process from India follows a set of rules and regulations. If you want to migrate from India to Australia, then you have to follow a set of guidelines and apply for the same. 

You need to deemed eligible by the immigration authorities of Australian immigration to continue further with the application. These following programs can be applied

When you apply, you also need to submit all other necessary documentation that would support the verification process of your eligibility.

Once you get another intimation that your application for the same is approved, you can start your preparation of coming to Australia to fulfill your dream of working, studying or living in this wonderful place. And the subclass of Australia is very amazing.

What is the process time of Australia permanent residency?

The time required to process the information and to get approval from the immigration office takes a considerable amount of time.

However, the time taken for getting a permanent residency takes different time depending upon the category of visa you have applied for.

If at all you have applied for permanent residency through skilled migration, then it would take less time in comparison to the other options.

Apart from this, certain different parameters decide the time required to get one. Once you submit all the documents, the office of immigration will verify the submitted documents and then send you response depending upon the queries that arrive in between.

The officials carry out various verification the educational qualifications, and at times they employ various other external bodies to cross verify your character and certain health conditions of yours.

The most important thing to check the skills would bring to the the country. The immigration officials also carry out an audit of your work experience and the references you have provided.

The time taken to process your request for getting an Australian permanent residency may take from 1 year to a period of 3 years depending upon your case.

Hence, the processing time depends on various factors. And the waiting period is as long as the requirements are fulfilled.

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What are the benefits of having a permanent residency in Australia?

There are several welfare benefits of having a permanent residency in Australia. Though there are different pathways to apply for permanent residency, the benefits are similar to all.

Firstly, you are entitled to reside and take up a job in Australia for the whole of your lifetime.

For the first five years, you are free to exit and entry to Australian country. After the period is complete, you need to take the citizenship of Australia based on your eligibility.

You will also enjoy all the facilities revolving around health and legal fronts at par with other citizens of Australian country.

After getting the Australian permanent residency, you can get bank accounts many other benefits.

If you wish to take up the citizenship, you need to apply for the Australian citizenship after spending a stipulated time in Australia.

Lastly, you get free healthcare and your kids get free education in reputed public schools.

What is the required IELTS score to migrate to Australia?

For Australia immigration, you need to have the best English language proficiency. Passing the IELTS test is mandatory for any foreign resident, as this makes you eligible to work or study in the Australian country.

If you are not eligible for the language consideration, then you may lose the opportunity.

The minimum score to qualify IELTS is 6. You need to secure 6 points out of 10 in all the four bands, i.e., to listen, reading, speaking and writing.

You must try to get higher grades in the examination to make available for a better chance of getting into the Australian country with a permanent residence.


Hopefully, all this information would be helpful for you in getting a permanent residence in Australia. But make sure that you follow all the guidelines correctly before applying.

If you are a aiming to get a permanent resident status in Australia, then your decision is wise.

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