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Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Apply to Canada Immigration

If you noticed, 7 of every 10 people are migrating to Canada these days and calling this maple country their new home. Why? What’s so fascinating about Canada? What’s so attracting a large population?

Well, the answer is its easy visa processing system. It has been reported that since 2015 (the year of Express Entry introduction) millions or people from worldwide have migrated to Canada, whereas, more than a million are required.

In fact the PR visa offered by Canada helps you settle in Canada permanently. This is quite different from the work permit where you need a Canadian job offer to enter Canada or the visit visa where eTA is mandatory to visit Canada.

Apply to Canada Immigration

Do you need an eTA too?

No. To immigrate to Canada by applying for a Canada immigration visa, you neither an eTA nor a job offer. All you are required to do is prove your skills and score relevant points.

The new system of Canada immigration issues visas to skilled candidates based on their ability to score points for factors like age, education, work experience etc.

How Can I Apply

What are the minimum points required to clear the eligibility criteria?

To immigrate to Canada you need at least 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s immigration points grid. These points are allotted for skilled factors of the candidate.

Each factor has a range of points fixed by the Canadian Immigration Department. Based on your profile, you will be able to score points within the fixed range.

Alongside, you also need to determine your CRS. This is nothing by the rank your application will get once it is pushed into the pool.

CRS is the soul of Express Entry. It means based on your CRS only you eventually get selected. With respect to how much must be the minimum CRS score, there is nothing specific.

As the latest Express Entry Draws shows a trend of issuing visas to candidates in the range of 430-450, it is ideal that you strive for a score above 450 for best and fast results.

What are the steps to be followed for applying for a PR status in Canada?

What are the steps to be followed for applying for a PR status in Canada?

How long do you have to complete and submit your online visa application?

The intial application:

There is no specific timeline to submit the initial application. However, expert immigration consultants in India recommend fastest application. It is ideal that you start your visa process immediately (or within 1 day) after finding out that you are eligible for Canada immigration. This is because:

  • Rules changes with/without prior notice. Any rule changing related to eligibility criteria can also make eligible candidates non-eligible within just a span of time.
  • Immigration may get strict as per the demand of the country’s government. For instance, you can see that United States has restricted its immigration in support of the “America first” initiative.
    Hence, interested and eligible candidates must apply fast in order to experience a secure immigration.
  • Canada has a range of visa programs which keep opening and closing at different intervals. If any program closes down for which you have best scope, you will have nothing but to regret.
  • Similarly, other aspects like job demand, economic demand, etc. can also disturb your chances of immigration.

The PR application:

Once your initial application is selected and you receive your ITA, you are then required to submit the PR application. This application is called the permanent residency visa application.

Along this, you are required to submit relevant documents, pay various fees and show proof of funds (at a later stage).

This application must be submit within 60 days from the time you received your Invitation to Apply.

In case you miss this deadline, you will stay in the pool but need to complete all the procedures again.

Do you need assistance in preparing an application for Canadian application?

Canada immigration application (both intial and PR application) cannot be completed well without expert help. An assistance is always required. This is because:

  • Calculating points on own is not easy. Though there are plenty of online Canada immigration points calculators, most of them are robotic. Hence, to understand your right score, assistance of immigration consultant is important.
  • Immigration process of Canada requires a lot of paperwork. Though the process is easy, the paperwork may sometimes get tricky and daunting.
    In this scenario, immigration consultants verify your application before doing any submission. They take care of finer details and eradicate every challenge that may disturb the paperwork.
  • Migrating to Canada simply does not mean visa process. There’s a lot more to it. You need to look out for jobs. You must search for a home in Canada before you move into the country.
    You are required to understand the economy as well as the society beforehand. Immigration consultants will help you in all these aspects easily.
  • Though immigration to Canada is not an expensive process, there are specific costs you need to bear during every stage of the visa process.
    Assistance of immigration consultant helps you understand the cost in a detailed manner. Immigration consultants give you a detailed costs analysis which briefs all the expenses and fees that is applicable to your visa process.
  • Lastly, after ITA formalities are plenty and must be completed within 60 days. Having an immigration consultant by your side ensures these formalities are completed professionally within the specified deadline.

Kansas Overseas Careers in India helps both individual skilled workers and families to apply to Canada immigration. We have been a pioneer in processing PR visas since years.

From initial evaluation to processing your visa, you guide you through everything.

Our service is reliable and most talked about in town. Over the past few years, we have processed over 1500 immigration visas and achieved a strong clientele.

Our professional services that make immigration easier and smoother is our strength.

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