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K Nagaraju

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

How to get Canada PR visa from India

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

A large number of skilled workers immigrate to the North American country to live a quality life and earn well. It is a continuous process that is taking place since centuries.

Indian immigrants prefer to immigrate to Canada over other developed countries like the US or UK.

How to get Canada PR visa from India

Canada PR visa is the most sought after visa for skilled immigrants from India as it empowers the visa holder to live and work in the country indefinitely.

Canada is also known as the “Maple Leaf country” and is one of the most popular countries among Indian immigrants. In fact, it is the only country that has the largest Indian community outside Asia.

If Canada is your dream destination you must apply for Canada PR right away.

You surely might have read about the most popular Express Entry program. Since the immigration program came into existence immigration to Canada has become relatively easy.

Under the program immigration process has become quite simple. Permanent Residency is granted to those who score well it is a merit based system. Like never before acquiring a Canada PR has become an easy cake walk.

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Canadian apex immigration body have introduced Express Entry in January 2015. Since its inception hundreds and thousands people has gained permanent residency in Canada with or without prior job offer.

With the Express Entry acquiring the Canadian resident visa has become much easier apart there are number of Provincial Nominee Programs as well.

Express Entry provides great opportunity to those skilled workers who have atleast one year skilled work experience in one of the occupation currently required in country.

Those who are inclined towards Canada immigration are encouraged to apply at the earliest the application is accepted online.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Before applying for the country’s PR visa one must understand what a PR visa is? It is a status given to the non residents of Canada to live and work in the country permanently.

A permanent resident is entitled to enjoy all the benefits just like a Canadian citizen except right to vote there is a separate process to become Canada citizen and acquire its residency.

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) gives Permanent Resident Card also known as PR card to successful applicants, it allows them to live, work or travel anywhere in the country.

PR card has number of benefits such as free education for kids, insurance and health care benefits. From the day one landed immigrants are considered as the country’s valuable permanent resident.

What are the benefits of Canada PR visa?

With a Canada PR visa Immigrants enjoy number of benefits some of them are as follow:-

  • Once you have lived and worked in the country for atleast 3 years as a permanent resident you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship and passport
  • You can live, work, study or travel anywhere in the country without any limitation
  • With PR card you can access health care benefits which is enjoyed by the Canadian citizens
  • You can avail low tax rate system and employment benefits
  • You can enjoy number of social benefits including free health care benefits and free education for kids
  • Travel abroad any number of time
  • Sponsor a friend or a relative for PR visa condition they meet the required criteria
  • You get complete protection as per the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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What are the key travel documents required to apply for PR visa?

Initially, prospective immigrants may find hard to understand the complex visa requirement but once the requirements are explored well it becomes much easier to comprehend. Following are the key documents required to apply for the PR visa:-

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from Canadian Assessment Authorities such as WES, IQAS, etc
  • Settlement funds that can be in the form of band deposit, fixed deposit, PPF or EPF for single applicant the required amount is minimum 8 lakh and for self and spouse the amount is 10 to 12 lakh.
  • Health and character certificate
  • Language Proficiency Test for English language from IELTS or CELPIP and for French from TEF.
  • Other documents as per the Canadian Govt. requirements

Top five reasons for the Canada PR refusal

The success rate of PR visa depends on number of factors. But at times very simple mistake can cost you your PR visa dream and your visa application can be denied with the click of fingers.

Adapting a smart approach from the very start will spare your time and money and getting through the heartbreak of visa denial.

So, without any further delay let's look at the five top reasons that can be the reason behind the refusal of your PR visa:-

  • 1. Language proficiency:-

The maple leaf country is one of the rare countries that have two national languages i.e. English and French. A large population speaks French infact its province like Quebec is French speaking province.

Thus you need to be fluent in either of the two languages to proof your proficiency you must appear for language test such as International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP), Test d'Evaluation Français (TEF), or Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada).

Your language score will help the visa officer will determine whether the applicant has sufficient language knowledge to easily integrate in to Canadian workforce and society.

  • 2. Involved in illegal or criminal activities:-

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is very strict about the country’s national security and before it issues visa thorough investigation takes places to ensure those involved in illegal or criminal activities are not granted if found, such applicants are denied PR visa instantly or will be deported to their home country and is imposed a permanent ban on re-entering the country ever.

Hence, if you dream of acquiring Canadian Permanent Residency you must stay cautious and try not to get involve in any illegal activity neither in your home country or abroad.

How Can I Apply

  • 3. Using unauthorized representative:-

Although immigration consultant assures flawless Canada PR visa application process but if he turn out to be authorize its of no use infact he can become the biggest obstacle in your journey ahead.

Unfortunately there are number of immigration representatives self claiming them to be genuine but the fact is they are fraudsters and not authorize to represent PR applicants.

  • 4. Submitting incomplete PR visa application:-

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) likes to see complete PR visa application with all the required documents and complete information.

Some times in hurry or anxiety applicants submit incomplete PR application that becomes a major cause for the rejection of the same. Hence, you must take your own time and review your visa application till the time you are not completely sure.

  • 5. Definition of spouse:-

For Canadian PR application, only spouse, common-law partners, and/or eligible biological or legally adopted children can be listed as dependents by the principal applicant.

However, some applicants fail to understand this definition and often include their parents and siblings as dependents. Mentioning these individuals become the primary reason of your application denial.

Parents and sibling can be sponsored but only once the primary applicant becomes the Canadian permanent resident and have gained PR card.

There are number of other reasons as well that may become a cause for the denial of your PR visa. Thereby, applicants are suggested that you submit your PR visa application under the supervision of authorized Canada immigration consultant.

Canada immigration consultants

Canada gives you more than what you have imagined when you enter the country with the permanent work permit.

Becoming a resident of Canada makes your life much easy and smooth but before you enjoy all the lucrative benefits you must clear the tedious immigration process though many people will tell you that you can clear the process by yourself but there are number of aspects of immigration process which demand guidance and assistance from an immigration consultant who provide you step by step guidance.

Immigration, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC), to make Express Entry program better keep changing its rules and regulations thus it requires you to consult an immigration consultant, make sure you take assistance from the best immigration consultant to acquire the much desired Canada PR.

Making a wrong choice while hiring an immigration expert can lead to rejection of your PR application. Hence, we hope you understand how important it is to consult such a professional.

Whenever you plan to immigrate to the destination in question do not select an immigration consultant on the basis of price tag.

When we compare proficiency, skills and experience price is nothing what matters is skills and experience. Consider the years of experience they have behind their profession and what is their success rate. Only once you are sure of them, proceed further.

Besides, there are number of other benefits of getting assistance in the PR visa application process. Immigration consultant also minimizes stress and anxiety by helping you put the best possible effort in the most professional manner.

They will continuously keep you update with latest development on the PR visa application and changing immigration laws.

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