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How to Secure Your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Immigration laws keep changing. Every few years the process undergoes drastic changes, with slight changes being incorporated throughout the years.

It is important to keep abreast of the modifications in the rules, requirements and criteria for the immigration process of the specific country you’re applying for a visa to.

A little mistake or non-compliance to the new requirements can result in your application being rejected and your time, money, and efforts going down the drain.

How to Secure Your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa

With that said, it is very hard for a common person to know and understand the slight changes being made to the process. Immigration laws are complicated and exhaustive; and Canada’s list of laws is no different.

Thus, it is always advised to appoint a consultant experienced in Canadian immigration to guide you through the process.

The consultant can educate you about all the changes that have taken place recently, make sure your documents are in accordance with the requirements, and ensure smooth sailing throughout the process.

If you’re applying for the Canadian permanent residence visa, and are in search of a consultant to assist you through it, Kansas Overseas Careers is a nationally accredited consultancy, registered with ICCRC with some of the best Canada immigration consultants in India.

They offer free initial consultations and have a list of successful applicants to vouch for their brilliance.

Be sure to hire regulated consultants though. Consultants who are authorized by the ICCRC are called RCICs and only these consultants are allowed to offer consultation services to applicants for a fee.

They are bound by strict guidelines and ethical codes, and are trained in the latest practices in the Canadian immigration process.

Using the services of any other consultants besides the authorized and regulated ones can cause your application to be turned down and black listed.

What Is a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa?

A permanent resident is a foreign individual who has immigrated to and settled permanently in Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. Under the Canada PR visa, you are eligible to work, study, and be protected by Canadian law.

A PR card is the equivalent of a US green card. However, getting a permanent visa card doesn’t render you a citizen of Canada; you’re still a citizen of the country you immigrated from.

While you enjoy much of the same benefits that citizens of Canada enjoy as a permanent resident, there are privileges that are reserved for only citizens, such as participating in the country’s politics, or voting rights.

Permanent visa holders can apply for citizenship if they’ve been living in Canada for four years and they satisfy a number of residence requirements. Once you gain citizenship status, you do not lose it unless you choose to renounce it.

You can acquire a Canadian passport and be a part of Canadian politics if you desire.

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Benefits of Having a Canada Permanent Resident Card

Once an individual becomes a Canadian permanent resident, they are entitled to various things under permanent residency, such as

Social Welfare Program

You have full access to the social benefits that are provided to Canadian citizens, including Canada’s healthcare service, Medicare, which is publicly funded and free for all.

Right to Work and Study

You have the right to seek employment within Canada, study at Canadian schools and universities, and live however and wherever you want legally.

Protected by Law

You are protected by the Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


After living for a certain number of years in Canada, you have the liberty to apply for a Canadian citizenship if you wish to.

Apart from the basic rights under the PR card, you have several added perks under the permanent residency status.

Unemployment Benefits

In case of unemployment, the Canadian government protects and supports you financially with unemployment benefits. If you have children under 18, you also get some money to support them.

Citizenship of Children

Children of permanent residents born in Canada are awarded Canadian citizenship.

Free Education up to University Level

You or your children under 18 years of age are awarded free education up till university levels.

Eligibility Requirements for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

To be eligible to apply for a Canadian permanent residence visa, the applicant must

  • Be under 45 years of age
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have enough funds in their bank accounts to support themselves and their family members who will be moving to Canada with them.

These requirements apply for citizens of each and every country interested in applying for a Canadian PR.

US citizens, though bound by the same requirements, would have an easier time clearing the CRS because they speak English as a native language and work in a similar culture.


Once you have been extended the Invitation to Apply (ITA), you have a few months to submit your full application and relevant documentation.

The required document will differ according depending on the program you’re applying through but some of the most general, mandatory documents you will be asked for are as follows:

  • Medical examination confirmation
  • Police certificates (PCs)
  • Copy of passport / travel document bio data page
  • Proof of work experience
  • Proof of funds

The absence of any of these documents might result in the rejection of your application.

You can submit additional documents that you feel will make your application stronger and improve your chances of success.

  • English language proficiency test results
  • Education assessment report if you have education experience in Australia
  • Provincial nomination (if you have one)
  • Written job offer from an employer in Canada (if you have one)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Use of representative form

Consult with your immigration consultant before submitting any of these.

As long as you have a good CRS score, it is not difficult to receive an ITA. A good CRS score also enables you to be prioritized over other lower scoring applicants, and shortens your waiting time significantly.

If you’re among the highest scoring applicants you will hear back within 1 or 2 months, after which you’ll have a month to complete your full application.

Depending on the program you’re applying through, the entire immigration process can take an average of 10 months.

The Express Entry route is the quickest, with applicants generally hearing back in 6 months. Some other routes can take longer, depending on your CRS scores.

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Application Process for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

The Process in 2020

Currently, Canada’s PR process is based on a point-system. According to the current system, if you are among the applicants with the highest scores, then you are extended an ITA (Invitation to Apply), after which you submit your complete application.

Comprehensive Ranking System

The point system is known as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) and it works by assigning different points to several factors that each candidate is ranked against.

For example, different age brackets carry different points. Anyone in the 20-30 age bracket will receive 10 points.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is an online system in which the applicant is assigned a certain score based on the information they provide.

The information that the applicant enters when making their online application and the documents they submit carry a score.

Candidates are rated on their skills and experiences, spouse’s language and skills, and the transferability of the skills that they possess.

The four general areas of their rankings are

  • Core/human factors
  • Spouse/partner-related factors
  • Skills transferability
  • Additional points

Subcategories among these four general groups are the primary applicant and spouse’s age, language skills, work experience, education level, and experience of living, working, studying in Canada.

You can get extra points for knowing French, a sibling living in Canada, or a provincial nomination.

Every applicant is rated out of a maximum of 1200 points, with 600 points for core information and 600 for additional information.

The applicants are basically put in a pool from where the highest scoring applicants are picked up and invited to apply.

Invitation to Apply

The Invitation to Apply is a formal request from the Canadian department of immigration, calling you to submit the full application and documentation to further process your permanent residence application.

Once you receive the ITA, know you have cleared the first step.

Now the ball is in your court. Be careful about submitting each of your mandatory documents, as asked. Make your application convincing and sound by including any other documents you deem worthy of being in your application.

Make your immigration consultant go through your application in detail, so he can check if everything’s in place and ready to be submitted. Remember, the smallest of mistakes can cause your rejection.

Everything should be impeccable. If you haven’t hired a consultant, it is strongly advised that you do so. An experienced Canadian consultant can make your application stand out among the others.

Generally, you only have a month or two to arrange and submit your documents once you get the ITA. Make sure you work well ahead of time so that you don’t forget important details in the rush at the end.

Submitting the Application

Once the documents are submitted, whether online or through mail, all you have to do is wait.

The waiting period can depend upon what program you applied through, in case of Express Entry or provincial nomination, your application moves pretty fast and you can expect to hear back in 4-10 months.

Previously, the Canadian PR visa used to take a long time to process and was also based on first come, first served basis.

A few years ago, Canada introduced the express entry and provincial immigration routes to speed up the process and enable more deserving candidates and skilled workers to get through easily.


While you may get the approval of your application, the process isn’t concluded at this step.

You must enter Canada within one year of receiving approval through any channel and complete the formalities on Canadian soil, where you will be interviewed and cleared by immigration officers.

Congratulations! You are now free to live in Canada as a permanent resident.

Who Can Assist You in Your PR Application?

Though the Canadian PR visa process is a little trickier than that of most countries, getting citizenship is not that difficult if you play by the rules and get excellent guidance in the application process.

There are several immigration consultants in India that can assist you with your PR application to give you a fighting chance of gaining PR status in Canada.

Applying for a Canadian PR or immigrating to any country is financially, emotionally, and physically exhausting.

Thus, we recommend appointing a regulated Canadian immigration consultant who can guide you through the process and ensure you’re up to date with any changes in the immigration laws of the country so you have minimum chances of rejection.

Experienced consultants know how to put forward the strongest case and though they cannot guarantee acceptance, they do improve your chances of success considerably.

Choose your immigration consultant wisely. Make sure they are qualified and endorsed by the ICCRC and work in your best interest.

Kansas Overseas Careers has some of the best Canadian immigration consultants and is accredited internationally.

They follow a strict code of conduct and their list of successful applicants speaks volumes about the kind of service they provide. We also provide free consultation in case you want to book one before deciding what consultant you want to proceed with.

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