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Job Search Services Offered by Kansas Overseas Careers

This page talks about the most vital details that you must know before opting for job search services.

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One of the main reasons for immigration is better job prospects. Kansas Overseas Careers helps clients get connected to a global network of companies to seek jobs that are best suited for their profiles in the preferred country. With nearly a decade of experience, our experts believe in providing the best opportunities for job-seekers. Read along to know more.

What is a job search service?

A job search service is a complimentary service offered by Kansas to ensure that the clients move to a new country with a job in hand and are prepared to handle the finances there.

Why must you opt for a job search service?

You must opt for a job search service for the following reasons:

  • To understand your career prospect in a new country. 
  • To get a professional resume made.
  • To seek valuable feedback from the experts-in-field.
  • To prepare for the interviews with Frequently Asked Questions.

How to choose the best job service provider?

To choose the best job service provider, you must:

  • Website: Check out the website to know the details of their service
  • Reviews: Look at the testimonials and videos of previous clients
  • Brand Image: See if the market reputation matches the reviews online
  • Success rate: Take into account how much success they have in finding jobs
  • Policy: The agreement must be transparent and clear
  • Fees: The fees must not be outrageous. Compare them with others.

Why choose Kansas Overseas Careers for a job search service?

You can choose Kansas Overseas Careers for job search service because:

  • Job search experts: Our job search experts are proficient in recruitment strategies and international job posting procedures.
  • Experience: We have experience in the field of searching for jobs.
  • Resume writing service: We also provide a resume writing service.
  • Resume: Our experts create resumes as per international standards. The resumes are keyword-optimized for quick job searches.
  • ATS challenge: Our experts know the nuances of the ATS (Application Tracking System). The resume can easily pass it.
  • Network: We have a vast spread network. It aids in the search for international jobs at the domestic level.
  • Support: We offer support for up to two months.

What is the procedure we follow while looking for a job for you?

The procedure we follow while looking for a job for you is:

  • Step 1: Our experts create a job profile for you.
  • Step 2: As per your profile, we filter jobs.
  • Step 3: Choose firms that match your qualifications and skills.
  • Step 4: Show you the list of companies that we have selected.
  • Step 5: If you agree, we apply for jobs.
  • Step 6: We also post jobs for you.
  • Step 7: Via our network, we market your CV at the domestic level.
  • Step 8: We keep a close eye on the jobs applied.
  • Step 9: Aid you in connecting with global employers.
  • Step 10: Schedule telephonic interviews.
  • Step 11: Give you job tips.
  • Step 12: Assist you with the mock interview sessions.

How do we build your profile?

We search for jobs for you by:

Why is the job search service at Kansas unique from others?

The job search service at Kansas is unique from others because:

  • We provide a unique resume for you.
  • We ensure that you get 4 times the average response on your profile.
  • We have dedicated agents overlooking your profile.
  • Our job search service is a complimentary service.
  • It is offered when you opt for our immigration service.
  • Our services are quick and efficient.
  • We do not guarantee jobs as we are not a placement agency.

What are the standard services we provide at Kansas Overseas Careers?

The other services that we provide at Kansas Overseas Careers are:

  • Profile evaluation: We assess your profile for eligibility before applying for a visa.
  • Immigration consultants: We offer guidance through the entire immigration process.
  • PR visa: We help you to get a permanent residency in the country you want.
  • Work Visa: We offer support in obtaining the work visa you need.
  • Study Visa: We are committed to ensuring that you can study abroad.
  • Visit Visa: Now, you can travel anywhere with our aid in getting the visit visa.
  • Post-Immigration Service: We provide support for up to six months after you immigrate.
  • Job Search Service: Our experts help you to find suitable jobs.
  • Resume Writing Service: We craft a professional and impressive resume for you.

Does Kansas offer customized services?

Yes, Kansas offers customized services.

Some of them are:

  • Arranging Documents: We aid in collecting the documents required.
  • Proof of funds: We suggest ideas for arranging funds and documenting it.
  • Guidance: We offer professional assistance on:
    • English/French courses
    • Interview training
    • Cover letters
    • Resume samples
    • Gathering police clearance certificate
    • Obtaining the medical reports
  • Case officer: We provide one case officer to each case for personal guidance.

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