Kansas Overseas is an immigration consultant and doesn't deal with work permits or direct jobs.

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Job Search Services

One of the primary reasons you may be moving abroad is a better job. So why not start looking for the best jobs abroad while your visa is in process?

Kansas Overseas Careers has designed its services in a way that it provides a 360 degree assistance in moving abroad. From visa processing to resume preparation, from job search to accommodation search (after visa success), we take care of everything.

1. How do you get started looking for a job (with Kansas Overseas Careers)?

We have a team with skilled recruiters and job search experts who research the international job market and help candidates in finding a job that relates to their profile or job duties.

Here’s how we carry out the entire job search process for you:

  1. Create a Profile for You
  2. Filter Out Jobs According to Your Profile
  3. Select Companies that Are Searching for Skills Like Yours
  4. Share the List of Companies with You
  5. Apply Jobs on Your Behalf
  6. Post Jobs on Your Behalf
  7. Market Your CV at Domestic Level (in the selected country)
  8. Follow up on Job Applications
  9. Connect You with International Employers
  10. Arrange Telephonic Interviews on Your Behalf
  11. Help You Prepare for Interviews
  12. Guide You Through Practical Mock Sessions

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2. What we do in Job Search Service?

Our Job Search Service is not only aimed at helping you in searching for jobs but for you to increase your profile reach by 4 times than the regular methods.

Here’s what makes our job search service comparatively unique than others:

  1. Qualified job search experts:We have a team of qualified experts who specialize in international job posting and recruitment strategies.
  2. Keyword optimized resume:Our job search service is backed by resume writing service, where our writers create keyword optimized resumes for you. This helps in getting more searches quicker and quicker.
  3. ATS expertise: Our job search experts are well-aware of the application tracking system. This is a system whereby resumes are filtered before reaching employers. Therefore, our experts create resume that can easily pass the ATS.
  4. Marketing at Domestic Level:We have a network that is vast spread and helps our clients search for international jobs at a domestic level.
  5. Support upto 2 months:Our job search service is extended to clients for upto 2 months. During these 2 months, we make every effort in order to help you to connect to international employers, market your CV and search for jobs accordingly.

3. Where can you get help with your resume?

The first and most important thing to make a job search success.

Should I use a recruiter to find a job?

When you sign up with Kansas Overseas for visa process and job search service, you will not need any recruiter to help you find a job for yourself. This is because our team has best and most qualified experts who carry out the process for you.

4. Why is our Job Search Service different from others?

Job Search Services

Know the job market of the selected country before you get visa. Kansas Overseas Careers connects you to international employers through job search.

Job Search Assistance is a complimentary service offered by Kansas Overseas Careers to all applicants of immigration. Along with a process of permanent residence visas, our expert hands help you search for a job in the selected country.

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5. How we Job Search?

Our Job Search Service comprises of various tasks that will ease your burden of finding a job abroad. For you, as a helping hand, we do:

  1. Resume Writing: We have a team of experts in corporate and resume writing. They know exactly how your profile must reach the search zones of the international employers. Your resume will be customized and formatted according to the requirements of the selected country and zapped that creates the first impression.
  2. Cover Letter Preparation: As per the profile of yours, we prepare a cover letter that conveys the right message of your application. The cover letter and the modified resume are thoroughly proofread by Experts before they are launched onto portals.
  3. Filtering of Jobs: Before we begin the real process of job postings, we dedicate some of our time to filter out the best companies, related opening for you and share the list to seek your preferences. Once you have your opinion shared with us, apply for jobs related to your profile in the selection.
  4. Posting Jobs: A constant and a dedicated effort is put onto your profile promotion. We post your looking out for job ads, apply for job posts, send resume and cover letters to employers in hunt for candidates like you etc. and do everything to make your profile reach the international employers.
  5. Connecting to Employers: On a successful short listing of your profile, we help you connect to the employers via emails or calls and schedule an interview for yourself.
  6. Interview Preparation Assistance: We guide you through the interview preparations. We help you with tips and ideas to qualify through the interview and make the job a success for you.

While our job search services are designed to cater your job needs, we offer this service only as a complementary to our immigration service registered clients. We always strive our best to cover every aspect of a regular job hunt process. However, as we are a sole visa and immigration service company and not any placement agency, we never falsely commit our clients of a guaranteed job.

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